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!3dm_swim02 !3dm_watery !3dmriver1 !3dmriver2 !babtech_ceil04 !c2a52 !cxwaterc !dk_poolwater4 !ds_water !ds_water2 !ds_water3 !islandwater !mtxwater !smoe_water !spa_water01a !spa_water01b !water-real1 !water2a !water2b !water_00 !waterblue +0_closed +0_open +0cstrike_ie1lt +0cstrike_se4sw +0elev1 +0elev2 +0elev3 +0health_F +0metlbut01 +0metlbut02 +0metlbut03 +0of_easter +0shock01 +0smLight1 +0war_flag +0~becks +0~fifties_lgt2 +0~light4a +0~tnnl_lgt5 +1of_easter +1shock01 +2shock01 +3shock01 +4shock01 +5shock01 +6shock01 +Ahealth_F +a_closed +a_open +acstrike_ie1lt +acstrike_se4sw +aelev1 +aelev2 +aelev3 +ametlbut01 +ametlbut02 +ametlbut03 +awar_flag -0AzDirt -0AzMoss -0AzWll -0CastWll -0CastWllFung -0DrtPntWll -0DrtyBrk -0DrtyBrkStrk -0Rock -0Sand -0SandRock -0WntrWll -0bStucco -0bluebase -0brockWall -0clayRoof -0csSandWall -0cstrike_ca2st -0cstrike_fj2dk -0cstrike_fr4cc -0cstrike_fr4gr -0cstrike_ma1bl -0cstrike_mb2gg -0cstrike_me1pl -0cstrike_me2ri -0cstrike_mh5tl -0cstrike_mj2sg -0cstrike_mr2dr -0cstrike_mr2st -0cstrike_wa5or -0cstrike_wb6bk -0cstrike_we1mt -0cstrike_we4al -0cstrike_wk4st -0cstrike_wr3cc -0gryStucco -0ikjungw -0ikrocka -0jbDrtyBrick1 -0lightrock -0lrock2 -0out_rk5 -0porn -0redbase -0rockCobbleST -0rosewood -0sandyBrick -0spa_rock01 -0spa_swall02a -0vol-rock -0wlStucco -1AzDirt -1AzMoss -1AzWll -1CastWll -1CastWllFung -1DrtPntWll -1DrtyBrk -1DrtyBrkStrk -1Rock -1Sand -1SandRock -1bStucco -1bluebase -1brockWall -1clayRoof -1csSandWall -1cstrike_ca2st -1cstrike_fj2dk -1cstrike_fr4cc -1cstrike_fr4gr -1cstrike_ma1bl -1cstrike_mb2gg -1cstrike_me1pl -1cstrike_me2ri -1cstrike_mh5tl -1cstrike_mj2sg -1cstrike_mr2dr -1cstrike_mr2st -1cstrike_wa5or -1cstrike_wb6bk -1cstrike_we1mt -1cstrike_we4al -1cstrike_wk4st -1cstrike_wr3cc -1gryStucco -1ikjungw -1ikrocka -1jbDrtyBrick1 -1redbase -1rockCobbleST -1sandyBrick -1spa_rock01 -1spa_swall02a -1vol-rock -1wlStucco -2AzDirt -2CastWll -2Rock -2Sand -2SandRock -2bStucco -2bluebase -2brockWall -2clayRoof -2cstrike_fr4gr -2cstrike_ma1bl -2cstrike_mb2gg -2cstrike_me1pl -2cstrike_wa5or -2cstrike_we1mt -2cstrike_wk4st -2cstrike_wr3cc -2gryStucco -2ikjungw -2ikrocka -2redbase -2spa_rock01 -2vol-rock -2wlStucco -3AzDirt -3Rock -3Sand -3bluebase -3cstrike_fr4gr -3cstrike_ma1bl -3cstrike_me1pl -3cstrike_wa5or -3cstrike_wr3cc -3redbase -3wlStucco -4cstrike_ma1bl -4cstrike_me1pl -4cstrike_wa5or -4cstrike_wr3cc -5cstrike_me1pl -5cstrike_wr3cc -6cstrike_me1pl 06_chaleti_woo 1_bath__t 1_bath_mic 1_bath_mirror_t 1_bathr_ct2 1_batht__ct 1_batht__t 1_employ_tiles 1_kittile 1_mauvechair 1_metaldoor 1_panel03 1_panel03_side 3dm_pool01 3dm_poolside2 3dm_poolside3 3dm_poolside4 3dm_poolside5 3dm_seasight03 3dm_seasight05 3dmconcrete 3dmcrate1 3dmcrate2 3dmcrate3 3dmcrate4 3dmcrate5 3dmcrate6 3dmearth 3dmike 3dmjungle1 3dmjungle2 3dmleav1 3dmleav2 3dmriver 3dmroad 3dmroadend 3dmroadstart 3dmrock1 3dmrock2 3dmtree1 3dmtree2 3dmtree3 3dmtree4 3dmwall 3dmwood1 3dmwood2 52hoursegg 64crate0 64crate1 64crateTop AzGrass AzGrnd AzRoad AzStatA AzStatB AzStatC AzTrim Brick01 Brick02-2 Brick03-2 Brick04 Brick04_sm C1A1_FLR2B_MCL CastCrnL CastCrnR CastFlt CastSign1 CastSign1b CastSign2 CastSign3 CastSignFood CastSignSm1 CastSignSm2 CastSignSm3 CastSignSm4 CastYummy CastleBgArch CastleBgArchFng CastleSmArch CastleWindow CastleWindow2 CastleWindow3 Core_Urban_020 Core_Urban_023 Core_Urban_026 Core_Urban_027 Core_Urban_028 Core_Urban_036 Core_Urban_040 Core_Urban_051 Core_Urban_054 Core_Urban_055 Core_Urban_059 Core_Urban_061 Core_Urban_066 Core_Urban_067 Core_Urban_086 Core_Urban_090 Core_Urban_093 Core_Urban_111 Core_Urban_117 Core_Urban_120 Core_Urban_135 Core_Urban_136 Core_Urban_141 Core_Urban_142 Core_Urban_143 Core_Urban_144 Core_Urban_151 Core_Urban_152 Core_Urban_153 Core_Urban_173 Core_Urban_192 Core_Urban_198 Core_Urban_204 CpMonitor CpMonitor2 CpMonitor20001 CpMonitor3 Crate_snow Crate_snow_top CrdBrdSde1 CrdBrdSde2 CrdBrdTop CstlCbbl CstlCncr CstlDr1 CstlDr2 CstlDr2Big CstlDr3 CstlDr4 CstlGrass CstlMld DOCKS_BRDWNDW DOCKS_DPLANK DOCKS_RAILBRD DOCKS_SLD2 DOCKS_YEL2 DrtStucco DrtyCobbleRd DrtyConc DrtyConcCln DrtyConcMix DrtyConcPln DrtyDblDr DrtyDoor DrtyMtlWll DrtyTiles DrtyWndw DrtyWndwA DrtyWndwB DrtyWndwC EMERGLIGHTB2 Graph HalfL01e HalfL02e HalfL03e K1_BOTTLES K1_BRICKWALL K1_CRATEOLD K1_DOOR3 K1_ROCKFLOOR K1_SANDBAGS K1_SCREAM K1_SIGNATURE K1_THANKYOU K1_WOOD K1_jap11 K_rock4 MADE_BY_ME METALSTAIRS01CB MltryCrteSd MltryCrteSd2 MltryCrteTp NULL P_crate_01a P_crate_01b P_crate_01c P_crate_01d ROOFCA SandCCrete SandCrtLrgSd SandCrtLrgTp SandCrtSmSd SandCrtSmTp SandRoad SandRoadTgt SandRoadTgtA SandRoadTgtB SandTrim SandWllDoor SandWllDoor2 SandWllWndw SandWllWndw2 SandWllWndw3 Silocrate_back Silocrate_frnt Silocrate_s_bac Silocrate_s_frn Silocrate_s_sid Silocrate_side Smoe_Urban_059 TRUCKTIRE02_128 TileGreen0001 Van_Color Van_Light Van_Light2 Van_Wheel WntrCCrete WntrCrtLid WntrCrtLrg WntrIce WntrSnow WntrTrim WntrWndw WoodCrateLid WoodCrateLidSm WoodCrateSd WoodCrateSdSm aaa_hurt aaa_multi aaa_once aaa_push aaa_push2 aaatrigger ad_Popdog ad_tf2 asphalt01 asphalt02 asphalt_road-05 asphaltdirty01 asphaltdirty02 bStuccoBrdr bStuccoPost bStuccoTrim bStuccoWidePost bStuccoWnd b_blastdoors bakeryWindow bark barrel_bio01 barrel_bio02 barrel_bio03 barrel_exp01 barrel_exp02 barrel_exp03 barrel_mtl01 barrel_mtl02 barrel_orng01 barrel_orng02 basebeamtop bathtile bathwall bcrate18 beach bed_side bed_top beddoor bigCrate0 bigCrate1 bigCrate2 bigCrateTop bjmerrychr bjpubbanner bjpubchrbanr black blackmetal blinds1 blinds3 blood_foot01 blood_smr01 blueHangingRug blueRug bluedoor bluefill bluewater bluewindow bmw_mr_bw bmw_mr_chassis bmw_mr_desk bmw_mr_doort bmw_mr_fw bmw_mr_steering bmw_mr_sw bmw_mr_tw bmw_mr_w bmw_mr_wheel bookcase1 box_00 box_01 box_02 boxsides01 boxsides02 boxsides03 boxsides_T01 boxsides_d03 boxsides_s01 boxsides_s02 boxtop_00 boxtop_01 boxtop_02 boxtops01 boxtops02 boxtops03 boxtops_T01 boxtops_d03 boxtops_s01 boxtops_s02 brdly3_back1 brdly3_btile1 brdly3_frnt1 brdly3_side1 brdly3_top1 brick2 brick24 brick27 brick6 brickGrass brickPath bridge bridge_cap britegrass01 bt_outfloor bt_outfloor2 bt_outfloor_bt bt_outfloordf bt_outfloorred1 bt_poolfloor bt_pooliner bt_tile_floor bt_tile_floor2 bt_tile_floor3 bt_tile_floor4 bt_tile_floor5 c130-hi-grey c130-left c130-med-gray c130-right c130-side c130-smile c130-win c130-wing c1a0_labflre c1a1_c1a c1a1a_w4b c1a1a_w4x c1a4_silo4a c1a4_silo5 c2a4_h2e3 c2a4_h2e3b c2a4_h2eblu c2a4_h2ered c2a4_h2f c2a4_h2fb c3a1_crate1b c3a1_crate2b c3a1_crate3b c3a1_w5blu c3a1_w5red c3a2_telepad2 c_brick04 cablewall1blue cablewall1red cablewall2 cablewall3 cablewall4blue cablewall4red cablewall5blue cablewall5red calendar1 camlens canal_wall2a canalmap candy1_1 candy1_2 canyoncliff-02 canyonsasphalt canyonsbbase canyonscliff canyonscliff2 canyonscrete1 canyonsmud1 canyonsrbase canyonssand1 canyonssand2 canyonssand3 canyonssand4 carpet ccWall ceiling1_2 ceilng_tray_fnc cem_wall_10 cementfloor cementfloor2 cf_m_win1 cf_roof02 chair chestDrawers clayRoofSide clayTile1 clayTile2 clayTile3 cliff_grass-01a cliff_grass-01b cliff_grass-01c cliff_grass-01d cliff_grass-02a cliff_grass-02b cliff_grass-02c cliff_grass-02d cliff_grass-03a cliff_grass-03b cliff_grass-03c cliff_grass-03d clip comp9ablu comp9ared comp9bblu comp9bred comp9cblu comp9cred comp9dblu comp9dred comp9eblu comp9ered conc05 conc09 conc11 conc33 concrete concrete_slabsc contratr cpucase cr_matbark cr_matmetal cr_woodslats crate-thanks1 crate-thanks2 crate10 crate11 crate12 crate13 crate22 crate24 crate27 crateBox crateBoxLabel crate_gunF01 crate_gunF02 crate_gunS01 crate_gunT01 crate_gunT02 crate_gunT03 cred cred1 credits crete-02 crete-03 crete-05 crete33 crete4_blue crete4_red crete4_redb crete_longwall5 crete_marble-01 crete_marble2 crete_pillar-01 crete_tile-01 crete_tile-03 crete_tile-08 crete_tile-10 crete_tile-11 crete_tower-03c crete_tower-03f crete_wall-01a crete_wall-08 crete_wall1 crete_wallblue1 crete_wallred1 crossover01 crossover02 crossover03 crossover04 crossover04b crossover05 csSandWall2 csblastdoor csdoor cstrain0 cstrain1 cstrain10 cstrain2 cstrain3 cstrain4 cstrain5 cstrain6 cstrain7 cstrain8 cstrike_ce2xcng cstrike_ch3tile cstrike_cj2beam cstrike_cr2pln cstrike_de6horz cstrike_de6vert cstrike_dj2old cstrike_fe2gtng cstrike_fe2sqrs cstrike_fe4crgd cstrike_fh4wttl cstrike_fj2dock cstrike_fp2dark cstrike_fp2lght cstrike_fp2med cstrike_ft2dirt cstrike_ft2mud cstrike_ft3gras cstrike_ft4apht cstrike_me1clng cstrike_me1grat cstrike_me2drst cstrike_me2rstw cstrike_me4dcln cstrike_me4greb cstrike_me4metl cstrike_me4radr cstrike_me7caut cstrike_mj3shru cstrike_oe1bxsd cstrike_oe1bxtp cstrike_oe1lgbm cstrike_oe1smbm cstrike_oe2strr cstrike_oe2vent cstrike_oe4fnvt cstrike_oe4pnl cstrike_oe4pnlh cstrike_oe4vent cstrike_oe6tnkf cstrike_oe6tnks cstrike_wb6clmn cstrike_wb6fram cstrike_wb6hedr cstrike_wb6pln1 cstrike_wb6pln2 cstrike_wb6pln3 cstrike_wb6pln4 cstrike_wb6wnd cstrike_wb6wnd2 cstrike_we2ppwl cstrike_we2ribd cstrike_wg1ofce cstrike_wr4ccdr cstrike_wr4ccgg cstrike_wr4ccpn cstrike_wr4ccvt cstrike_wr4ccwd cstrike_wr4rgh cstrike_wr7pln cstrike_wr7plnf cstruckdoor cstruckdoor2 csukadd ct_walls ctbook cubed cubldb cubldc cublde cubldf cubooksa cubrusha cucrba cucredits cudra cudrb cudrd cudre cudrf cudrg cudrh cudri cudrj cudumpsterb cudumpsterc cufountaina cufridge cugena cugenab cugenap cugenb cugenc cugend cugrounda cugroundb cugroundd cugroundi cuiceila cuiceilb cuiflra cuiflrb cuiflrc cuiflrd cuiflre cuiflrf cuiwllc cuiwlld cuiwlle cuiwllf cuiwllg culighta culightb culightc cunumbers cupicta cupictb cupictc cupllra cupllrb curamp curda cusdwlka cusolida cusolidb custairsa custovefront custovetop cutrasha cutrashb cutrkfrnt cutrkrr cutrksd cutrkt cutrma cutrmb cutrmc cutrmd cutrme cutrmf cutrmg cuwlla cuwllb cuwllc cuwlld cuwlle cuwllf cuwllg cuwllgb cuwllh cuwllhc cuwllj cuwllk cuwllm cuwlln cuwllo cuwllp cuwlls cuwllt cuwllu cuwnda cuwndb cuwndc cuwndd cuwnde cuwndf cuwndg cuwndh cuwndi cuwndib cuwndj cuwndk cuwndl cuwndm cuwndn cuwndo cuwndp cuwndq cuwoodm cxbarrela cxbooksa cxbooksb cxbooksc cxbooksd cxbrcka cxbrckc cxbricketrima cxbrickf cxbrickfarch cxbrickfarchiv cxbrickfbrkn cxbrickfcrk cxbrickfdoor cxbrickfdoorb cxbrickfdoorc cxbrickftrim cxbrickftrimc cxbrickftrimd cxbrickftrimiv cxbrickfwdwa cxbrickfwdwb cxbrickfwdwc cxbrickfwdwd cxbrickfwdwdiv cxbrickfwdwf cxbrickfwdwfrm cxbrickfwdwh cxbrickh cxbrickhmrtr cxbricki cxbrickiend cxbrickj cxbrickjarch cxbrickjflr cxbrickk cxbrickktrima cxbricktrim cxbrusha cxbrushb cxclnga cxcnstrcttarp cxcnstrcttarpb cxcnstrctwooda cxcnstrctwoodb cxcrptb cxcrptc cxcrptd cxdecwdc cxdecwdd cxdoortrim cxdrc cxdrd cxflrd cxgroundc cxgroundd cxgroundf cxgroundh cxgroundi cxgroundj cxgroundjorna cxgroundjtrima cxgroundl cxlighta cxloga cxlogb cxmap cxmarblec cxmarblee cxmoata cxpntga cxpota cxpotb cxrockf cxrockfbase cxroofa cxruga cxsolida cxsolidb cxsolidc cxstairsa cxstairsb cxstairsc cxstairsd cxstairse cxstairsf cxstcoa cxtapa cxtapb cxtapc cxtapd cxtape cxwalltrima cxwdwain cxwllbooksa cxwllc cxwlle cxwllepnl cxwllepnlend cxwllestairs cxwlletrim cxwllf cxwllfend cxwllg cxwllgend cxwllh cxwoodb cxwoodd cxwoodf cxwoodh cxwoodi cxwoodj cxwoodk cxwoodl cxwoodm daank_grass daank_grass_rd daanklamp dirt01 djConstBlock djCrateSd1 djCrateSd2 djCrateSd3 djCrateSm djCrateSmTp djCrateTop dk_ocean3 dk_vending1 dk_vending1b dk_vending1r dk_vending2 door-04 door_00 door_blue1 door_blue2 door_red1 door_red2 doorno1 doorno2 doorno3 doorno4 doorno5 doorno6 doorno7 double_asphalt double_asphalt2 double_blue1 double_blue2 double_ceil1 double_red1 double_red2 double_trim1 drkWood drkborder drkborder1 drkbox drkbx drkciel drkcrete drkdoor drkmtlt_bord11 drkmtlt_bord12 drkmtlt_flr01 drkmtlt_flr02 drkmtlt_flr03 drkwl drkwl2 drkwl2_b drkwl2_t1 drkwl2_t2 drkwl2_w drkwlrch ds_blue_strip ds_blue_tile ds_blue_tiles2 ds_bluestalls ds_bluetile ds_bluetile2 ds_bluetile3 ds_bluewall ds_bluewall2 ds_bluewater ds_chair ds_floor ds_floor2 ds_groutTiles ds_litbluetile2 ds_littleredti2 ds_locker ds_lockerside ds_pinkwall ds_pool-sign-2 ds_pool_roof ds_pooltile ds_pureblue ds_purepink ds_red_stripe ds_red_tile ds_redtile2 ds_stallred ds_steel ds_tile ds_tile_floor ds_tileblue ds_tileflr_red ds_tilemin_blue ds_tilemin_red ds_vend1 ds_vend2 ds_wall ds_wall_tileBlu ds_wall_tileRed ds_walltile ds_walmart_blue ds_wc_door ds_wc_door2 ds_white ds_white_stripe ds_white_tile ds_whitewall dustbowl1 dustbowl2 eastdoor1 edge egg1 eggtofu egypt_large elevmetal01_64x emerglightb emerglightc estaterug1 estaterug2 estatespeaks estatetv estatewall estatewalltop fabricblue filth_blue filth_green filth_orange filth_pink filth_purple filth_red filth_yellow firrange fishBox flith_blue flith_green flith_orange flith_pink flith_purple flith_red flith_yellow floor floor_00 floor_tileblue floorwd128f floorwd256a flor_wood_dk_r4 flor_wood_lt_r3 floweredWindow flowers flr_tile2_3 forum_sig fusebox gate01 gate02 gate03 gateblueflr gatebluemetal gateredflr gateredmetal generator generatorchimne generatorpanel gin_pool_pave1a gin_pool_pave1c gin_pool_pave1g gin_redtiles gnrcdcase gold grass-02 grass-16 grass-16b grass_01 grass_cnr-01a grass_cnr-01b grass_cnr-01c grass_cnr-02a grass_cnr-02b grass_cnr-02c grass_crs-01a grass_crs-01b grass_crs-01c grass_dia-01a grass_dia-01b grass_dia-01c grass_dia-02a grass_dia-02b grass_dia-02c grass_dirt-01 grass_mid-01a grass_mid-01b grass_mid-01c grass_mid-01d grass_mid-02a grass_mid-02b grass_mid-02c grass_mid-03a grass_mid-03b grass_mid-03c grassgravel-01 grassgravel-02 greybrick_lg groutTiles gryStuccoBrdr gryStuccoSpade gryStuccoTrim guns health_B health_S health_T hint hobrock hockey hotSHEEP i_floor1 i_floor2 ikbarls1 ikbarls2 ikbarls3 ikbarls4 ikbarlt1 ikbarlt2 ikbarlt3 ikbarlt4 ikconca ikconcb ikconcc ikconcd ikconce ikcratea ikcrateb ikcratec ikcrated ikcratee ikcratef ikcrateg ikcrateh ikftanks ikftankt ikgrndj ikgrndjr ikgrndjt ikgrndrk ikgrndrt ikgrndrw ikgrnds ikgrndt ikgrndt2 ikgrndt3 ikgrndte ikgrndte2 ikgrndte3 ikjungw ikjungwg ikmetla ikmetlb ikmetlc ikrockv ikrockvt ikrockvt2 ikrockvt3 ikstuca ikvines japflr jbName jbRockA joec kami_wall1 katie_poster kcholder keep01 keep05 keep07 keep09 keep09_blue keep09_red keep09a keep10 keep11 keep12 keep13 keyboard_white khouse-01 khouse-02 khouse-03 killhouse_woodf lab1_bluxflr1 lanternlit locker locker1 lockerside lockertopgrn lthr_cch lthr_cch2 lthr_cch3 lthr_cch4 m_book1 m_book2 m_eber m_eintritt m_fahne_turm m_museum m_picture_hias m_picture_reen m_schwein m_speisen magHangingRug magcover1 magcover2 magcover3 magcover4 mags1 map marbleblack matt_case matt_crate matt_outwooden matt_stnwall metlbuttrim mew mikegg misc_floor_tl1 misc_glass05 misc_lantern misc_wpn_crate misc_wpn_crate2 misc_wpn_crate3 misc_wpn_crate4 misc_wpn_crate5 mitilefloor01 mktFloor mm_toilet1 mmpfadd monket monket2 moveside_c moveside_d moveside_t moveside_w movetop_c movetop_d movetop_t movetop_w msnMossFull msnT_blue msnT_green msnT_orange msnT_pink msnT_purple msnT_red msnT_yellow muralArc muralLong muralbStucco museumflr1 museumflr5 museumwall2 museumwall3 newtegels noclight nocrap nolight nra_marble nubb_blue nubb_green nubb_orange nubb_pink nubb_purple nubb_red nubb_yellow nubby_blue nubby_green nubby_orange nubby_pink nubby_purple nubby_red nubby_yellow oakDoor of_billboard of_crate01a of_crate01b of_crate01c of_crate01d of_crate02a of_crate02b of_crate03a of_crate03b of_crate03c of_crate03d of_crate03top of_got_milk off_dr1 off_dr2 off_dr3 off_gar off_wall1 off_wall2 off_wall3 off_wall4 off_wall5 off_wall6 off_wall7 off_wall7b off_wall8 oldDoor oldRadio oldWood oldmap3 origin out_rckpile out_roof2c out_treetopsm out_w1b1 out_w1b2 out_w1c1 out_w1c2 out_wall6c1 out_wall6c2a out_wall6c3 out_wall6c4 outbricki paint30 paint36p paintc painting01 painting02 painting03 painting04 painting05 painting06 painting07 painting08 painting09 painting1 painting10 painting11 painting12 painting13 painting14 painting15 painting16 painting17 painting18 painting19 painting2 painting20 painting4 painting5 painting6 panelWood pebbleCobble pepsifront pepsiside1 pepsiside2 pflor1 pgtowersign pi_archt128 pi_archt128b pi_archt256 pi_archt32 pi_archt32b pi_archt64 pi_archt64b pi_art1 pi_art2 pi_art3 pi_art4 pi_barrel pi_barrelt pi_bcase pi_bigbrk pi_bigbrk2 pi_bigbrk2b pi_bigbrk2b2 pi_bigbrkb pi_bigbrkb2 pi_bigbrkp pi_bigdoor pi_bigtrim pi_boatfloor pi_boatrearcap pi_boatsidein pi_boatsideout pi_boatsiderear pi_brusha pi_brushb pi_buckets pi_buckett pi_chairleg pi_chairtop pi_cobbles pi_cobbles1 pi_corbel pi_cratebig pi_cratebig2 pi_cratebigt pi_cratere pi_crateret pi_cratesm pi_cratesmt pi_cratesr pi_cratesrt pi_curb pi_curbb pi_floorst1 pi_floorst1g pi_floorst2 pi_floorst2g pi_floorst3 pi_floorst3d pi_floorst4 pi_floorst4g pi_floorst5 pi_floorwd1 pi_floorwd2 pi_floorwd3 pi_grnmetal pi_grnmetalp pi_grnmetalt pi_ground pi_groundt pi_groundw pi_htrim32 pi_inwall1 pi_inwall1b pi_inwall1c pi_inwall2 pi_inwall2b pi_lantern pi_motor pi_orrery04 pi_orrery05 pi_orrery06 pi_orrery07 pi_outwall1 pi_outwall1b pi_outwall2 pi_outwall2b pi_outwall2t pi_outwall2tb pi_outwall3 pi_outwall3b pi_outwall3t pi_outwall3tb pi_outwall3tc pi_outwall4 pi_pavement pi_pillar pi_pota pi_potb pi_road pi_rockbase pi_roof pi_roofedge pi_rug1 pi_rug2 pi_rug3 pi_rug4 pi_rug5 pi_rug6 pi_rust pi_scaffold2 pi_secretf pi_secrets pi_sign01 pi_sign02 pi_sign03 pi_sign04 pi_signex1 pi_signex10 pi_signex11 pi_signex2 pi_signex3 pi_signex4 pi_signex5 pi_signex6 pi_signex7 pi_signex8 pi_signex9 pi_signexa pi_signexb pi_signexc pi_signexd pi_smdoor pi_step1 pi_steptop1 pi_steptop1d pi_sundial pi_sundialbase pi_ticketwnd pi_wood1 pi_wood2 pi_wood3 pi_wood4 pi_wood5 pi_woodceil pileOlemons pileOtomatoes pool1 pool2 poolio1 poolio2 pooltable popdog_front_gr popdog_front_re popdog_left_gr popdog_left_red popdog_right_gr popdog_right_re popdog_top_b popdog_top_gree popdog_top_red power_ceiling1 powerup_blue powerup_blue2 powerup_floor1 powerup_plaster powerup_red powerup_red2 powerup_stucco1 powerup_stucco2 powerup_wall1 powerup_wall2 powerup_wall3 ptf_blue ptf_green ptf_orange ptf_pink ptf_purple ptf_red ptf_yellow rWallgBrick radsign redHangingRug redRug reflect1 reinf_side01 reinf_side02 reinf_side03 reinf_sideD01 reinf_sideS01 reinf_sideS02 reinf_sideS03 reinf_sideT01 reinf_top01 reinf_top02 reinf_top03 reinf_topD01 reinf_topS01 reinf_topS02 reinf_topS03 reinf_topT01 rip road1 road1_lowcap road1_topcap rock1a rock1b rock2a rock2b rockWall rock_sign1 rock_sign2 rock_sign3 rock_sign4 rock_sign5 rock_sign6 rock_sign7 rock_sign8 rope rtile_blue rtile_green rtile_orange rtile_pink rtile_purple rtile_red rtile_yellow rtt_blue rtt_green rtt_orange rtt_pink rtt_purple rtt_red rtt_yellow rubble1 rubble_walk rug160256a rug160256b rug160256c rug192256a rug192256b rug192256c rust02 rust_00 s_alleyway s_b_doo1 s_b_door2 s_b_quarters s_b_securitycon s_elevator s_greenarrow s_keycard_b s_keycard_g s_keycard_r s_r_door1 s_r_door2 s_r_quarters s_r_securitycon s_stairs s_storagearea1 s_storagearea2 s_street s_streetaccess sand-02 scroll_water scroll_water01a scroll_water01b scroll_wstream scrollfall1 scrollfall2 scrollfall3 scrollvolcreds sheepKing shoutouts shower shutteredWindow sideLight sidewalk1 sign_PrdgyInc sign_Prsdnt sign_arw1 sign_arw2 sign_arw3 sign_arw4 sign_arw5 sign_arw6 sign_arw7 sign_arw8 sign_base sign_bat sign_bluearw1 sign_bluearw2 sign_bluearw3 sign_bluebase sign_bluecap sign_capt sign_cmd1 sign_cmd2 sign_cmd3 sign_cmd4 sign_cmd5 sign_cmd6 sign_cmd7 sign_cmd8 sign_cont sign_elev sign_ent sign_flag sign_flag2 sign_help sign_low sign_ramp1 sign_ramp2 sign_redarw1 sign_redarw2 sign_redarw3 sign_redbase sign_redcap sign_resup1 sign_snipe sign_team1 sign_team2 sign_up sign_water1 silo_blue silo_blue2 silo_red silo_red2 silocrate_s_top silocrate_top skap1 skap2 skap3 skate_wheel skateimage1 skateimage2 skip sky skycull 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tk_VanWhIn tk_VanfrontLeft tk_VanfrontRigh tk_Vanwheel tk_arch2 tk_arches tk_archesstatue tk_archgen tk_barrel2 tk_barrel20001 tk_barrel3 tk_barrelside tk_barreltop tk_blucobble tk_bluedoor tk_bolteddoor tk_bomb1 tk_bomb2 tk_burntwall tk_ceiling tk_clayroof tk_closedshut tk_column tk_columnbase tk_concyel tk_concyelpeel tk_concyelsml tk_concyelwin1 tk_concyelwin2 tk_concyelwin4 tk_concyelwin5 tk_concyelwin6 tk_concyelwin7 tk_crate1 tk_crate2 tk_crazypaving tk_door4 tk_door5 tk_door6 tk_door7 tk_door8 tk_doorblue tk_doorburn tk_doorpanel tk_doorreflect tk_doorstuds tk_doubledoor2 tk_embers tk_evileye tk_fabric tk_fabricblu tk_fabricltbrn tk_greencobble tk_greenshutsid tk_greybrick tk_greyroof tk_kazakRug tk_lamp tk_lampout tk_lionfountain tk_litecrate1 tk_litecrate3 tk_mod-wood tk_mod-wooddrk tk_opencrate1 tk_opencrate3 tk_opencrate4 tk_pillar tk_pipe tk_plantbox tk_pooltile tk_purpledoor tk_railingGen tk_redgrndoor tk_redshutside tk_redshutter tk_rubblewall tk_rust tk_sign tk_signAtaturk tk_signBahcelie tk_signCumhuriy tk_signIstiklal tk_signKahraman tk_signSokak tk_signSokak7 tk_slate tk_stoneWallHi tk_stonefl tk_stonefloor tk_stucSmlThin tk_stuccShuttTh tk_stuccWinThin tk_stucco3thin tk_stucco3winL tk_stucco3winL2 tk_stuccoCurtbm tk_stuccoShutt tk_stuccoWin tk_stuccoWinWd tk_targetTemple tk_targetsquare tk_templedetail tk_templefloor tk_templeslate tk_templeslate2 tk_templewall tk_tornmap tk_tread tk_truckwindow tk_vanback tk_vangrill tk_vanhead tk_vanhood tk_vanside tk_vanunder tk_walldetbluLR tk_wallyellow tk_whitebrLRthi tk_whitebrickLR tk_whitebrickSh tk_whitebrkwdtr tk_whitestuccoL tk_whtbrkwdtrm tk_whtbrkwdtrm2 tk_wicker2tp tk_wicker3tp tk_wickeropn1 tk_wickeropn2 tk_wickeropn3 tk_window tk_window1 tk_window12 tk_window2shut tk_windowSml tk_windowgrate tk_woodbrd tk_wooddarkslat tl_gry_small01 tl_nubby02 train_bed1 train_track1 train_track2 train_track3 trainingdoor trim_00 tsbgvent tscables tscaution tscprflr tscrtesd tscrtetp tsdoor4 tsflrgrt 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{blood7 {blood8 {bloodhand1 {bloodhand2 {bloodhand3 {bloodhand4 {bloodhand5 {bloodhand6 {blue {bproof1 {break {break1 {break2 {break3 {c130-prop {c1a1b {c1a3_grn1 {c1a3_org1 {c1a3_org2 {c1a3_org3 {c1a3_red1 {c1a3_red2 {c1a3_red3 {c2a2_a {c2a2_b {c2a5g {capsa {capsb {capsc {capsd {capse {capsf {capsg {capsh {capsi {capsj {capsk {capsl {capsm {capsn {capso {capsp {capsq {capsr {capss {capst {capsu {capsv {capsw {capsx {capsy {capsz {cdbottom {cdtray {crack1 {crack2 {crack3 {crack4 {credit {crouch {cstrike_le6lad {cstrike_oe4ven {cufence {cugzboa {cugzbob {cuivy {cuivyb {culaundrya {culaundryb {culaundryc {curaila {cxA {cxArrow {cxB {cxchana {cxchanb {cxcrtna {cxcrtnf {cxgate {cxivy {cxivyb {cxplanta {cxplantb {cxpntgb {dent1 {dent2 {dent3 {dent4 {dent5 {dent6 {ding1 {ding10 {ding11 {ding2 {ding3 {ding4 {ding5 {ding6 {ding7 {ding8 {ding9 {dmcgrassb {drip2 {drip3 {drip4 {drips1 {explos {explosive {fault01 {fault02 {fault03 {fault04 {fault05 {fault06 {fence00 {fence2 {fence_barb7 {flamable {foot_l {foot_r {gargstomp {gate {gaussshot1 {gnrcd {graf001 {graf002 {graf003 {graf004 {graf005 {greentree7 {hand1 {hangingIvy1 {hangingIvy2 {hrpoint {ikcanopt {ikcanopy {ikcnp1 {ikfencea {ikfenceb {ikfencec {ikjungwt {ikjungwt2 {ikjungwt3 {ikjungwt4 {ikvinea {ikvineb {ikvinec {ikvined {invisible {k_rail01_hires {k_rail01_lores {ladder3b {lambda01 {lambda02 {lambda03 {lambda04 {lambda05 {lambda06 {large#s- {large#s0 {large#s1 {large#s2 {large#s3 {large#s4 {large#s5 {large#s6 {large#s7 {large#s8 {large#s9 {lime001 {lime002 {lime003 {lime004 {littleman {marker {med#s0 {med#s1 {med#s2 {med#s3 {med#s4 {med#s5 {med#s6 {med#s7 {med#s8 {med#s9 {mommablob {moss001 {moss002 {moss003 {moss004 {moustache {msnMoss1 {msnMossSparse {msnMossTop {msnMossTop2 {nosmoke {nuke {oil1 {oil2 {ornateGate {pi_bannera {pi_bannerb {pi_bannerw {pi_benchside {pi_chairbak {pi_ivy {pi_ivyb {pi_orrery01 {pi_orrery02 {pi_orrery03 {pi_planta {pi_plantb {pi_railing {pi_scaffold {pi_sundialarm {pi_sundialeqt {pi_tapestry1 {pi_tapestry2 {pi_tapestry3 {pi_window {pstripe1 {pstripe2 {pstripe3 {pstripe4 {rootz {rotatescrape {rust001 {rust002 {rust003 {rust004 {scope01 {scorch1 {scorch2 {scorch3 {ship_tag01 {ship_tag02 {ship_tag03 {ship_tag04 {ship_tag05 {ship_tag06 {shot1 {shot2 {shot3 {shot4 {shot5 {siteA {siteB {small#s0 {small#s1 {small#s2 {small#s3 {small#s4 {small#s5 {small#s6 {small#s7 {small#s8 {small#s9 {smscorch1 {smscorch2 {smscorch3 {spa_books01a {spa_books02a {spa_chain {spa_evy01a {spa_lamp01a {spa_lamp02a {spa_lamp03a {spa_lamp04a {spa_lattice01a {spa_lattice02a {spa_laundry {spa_leaf01a {spa_oldcarpet0 {spa_palm01a {spa_palm01b {spa_parapet01 {spa_parapet02 {spa_parapet03 {spa_parapet04 {spa_tree01a {spa_tree01b {spit1 {spit2 {staffparking {stripeh {stripev {target {target2 {tire1 {tire2 {tk_grate {tk_plantLG {tk_plantSM {tk_railing {tk_steeldoor {tk_wwheel {towel1 {tree-back01 {tree-back02 {tree-back03 {tree-back04 {tree00 {tree03 {tree04 {treeback00 {turn1a {turn1b {turn1c {turn1d {turn2a {turn2b {turn2c {turn2d {turniton {vol-fence {vol-xgrass {water1 {water2 {water3 {wineRack {wineRack1 {wineRack2 {xt_plant11 {yblood1 {yblood2 {yblood3 {yblood4 {yblood5 {yblood6 ~K1_LIGHT5 ~blueRug ~redRug
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Community 17b
Ukraine guy who download all my maps please register on this page and tell me who are you!! smiley
02-13-2017 at 8:48 PM
He is serious :D
02-15-2017 at 9:45 PM
seb or someone, could you male waypoints for podbot for this map?
02-16-2017 at 3:39 PM
02-16-2017 at 10:05 PM
02-17-2017 at 3:37 PM
02-17-2017 at 11:53 PM
02-18-2017 at 1:04 AM
Seb smiley
02-18-2017 at 11:59 PM
Yes ? smiley
02-19-2017 at 8:03 AM
I asked if you could make waypoints for podbot for this map
02-19-2017 at 9:38 AM
Dry, i've stopped waypointing smiley
02-22-2017 at 7:29 AM
Oh Damm, thanks foro reply anyway :ami:
02-22-2017 at 8:01 AM
Just use CSBots, they don't need waypoints. On ReHLDS it is possible to activate them without any additional modules.
02-23-2017 at 12:01 AM
I play cs 1.0
02-23-2017 at 8:04 AM
hey someone, trash this old wad made by me, I was updated it, and add the new version of it:
(Link) wad.rar
Here the old wad:
(Link) textures.wad.h
02-24-2017 at 6:29 PM
Sorry, that link is Broken
Trash this
(Link) textures.wad.html
02-24-2017 at 10:49 PM
I dont know why link doesnt work
Trash a wad called "vdk textures"
02-24-2017 at 10:50 PM
I uploaded the map with updated wad, trash them and put the new
02-25-2017 at 2:51 PM
02-28-2017 at 11:10 AM
03-03-2017 at 3:37 PM
03-03-2017 at 4:07 PM
03-04-2017 at 1:43 AM
God save the queen !
03-16-2017 at 2:25 PM
Never give up smiley
03-16-2017 at 2:34 PM
Igrik <3
03-16-2017 at 8:31 PM
03-21-2017 at 10:39 PM
03-22-2017 at 4:59 PM
03-25-2017 at 11:02 AM
Hi guys. I have a question. Do all of the spray logos in CS 1.6 precaching when loading a map, or just one that I chose?
03-26-2017 at 3:14 PM
More details please smiley
Today at 12:11 AM
void 17b's Hacking
  03-28-2017 at 1:10 PM by Lanm
void (rmf) De_20percentcooler
  02-06-2017 at 12:22 PM by Igrik
void Corrupted Map Downloads
  02-04-2017 at 2:43 PM by Chapo
void Urgent I Need Save A Map!
  01-30-2017 at 7:23 AM by Chapo
void Is 17buddies Dead?
  01-28-2017 at 1:53 PM by gunzn
void ★★★ Batch Compiler Problem ★★★
  01-21-2017 at 12:51 PM by LiveWire
void Fgd Files - Counter Strike 1.6 - Vhe
  01-19-2017 at 7:36 PM by LiveWire
void Museum Of 5th June 1944
  01-07-2017 at 12:33 PM by S3B
void ★★★ Compiler Problem ★★★
  12-26-2016 at 6:15 PM by LiveWire

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