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04-02-2012 by Chapo
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!col_agua2 !mtxwater !toxicgrn !toxicgrn2 !waterblue !watercartoon !watergreen (cloud2 (sitea (siteb +0gold +0insom +0lab1_door7 +0medkit +0monitor +0music +0of_easter +0test +0~cretestch01a +0~fifties_lgt2 +0~light5a +0~light6a +1gold +1insom +1monitor +1music +1of_easter +1test +2gold +2monitor +2music +2test +3gold +3monitor +3music +3test +4monitor +4test +5monitor +5test +6monitor +7monitor +8monitor -0Sand -0SandRock -0bStucco -0brockWall -0clayRoof -0csSandWall -0cstrike_fj2dk -0gryStucco -0lab3_flr1 -0lab3_flr1b -0out_grss1 -0out_rk3 -0out_rk4 -0out_rk5 -0out_rkpath -0rockCobbleST -0sandyBrick -0wlStucco -1Sand -1SandRock -1bStucco -1brockWall -1clayRoof -1csSandWall -1gryStucco -1out_grss1 -1rockCobbleST -1sandyBrick -1wlStucco -2Sand -2SandRock -2bStucco -2brockWall -2clayRoof -2gryStucco -2wlStucco -3Sand -3wlStucco 1 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 3 30 31 32 33 34 4 5 6 64crate0 64crate1 64crateTop 66store 7 8 9 AAAATRIGGER C1A1_DR2 CLIP CLIPp Core_Urban_020 Core_Urban_023 Core_Urban_026 Core_Urban_027 Core_Urban_028 Core_Urban_036 Core_Urban_040 Core_Urban_051 Core_Urban_054 Core_Urban_055 Core_Urban_059 Core_Urban_061 Core_Urban_066 Core_Urban_067 Core_Urban_086 Core_Urban_090 Core_Urban_093 Core_Urban_111 Core_Urban_117 Core_Urban_120 Core_Urban_135 Core_Urban_136 Core_Urban_141 Core_Urban_142 Core_Urban_143 Core_Urban_144 Core_Urban_151 Core_Urban_152 Core_Urban_153 Core_Urban_173 Core_Urban_192 Core_Urban_198 Core_Urban_204 CpMonitor CpMonitor2 CpMonitor20001 CpMonitor3 CrdBrdSde1 CrdBrdSde2 CrdBrdTop CstlDr1 CstlDr1b CstlDr2 CstlDr2Big CstlDr3 CstlDr4 FIFTIES_DR1K Gr_arch01 Graph HINT HINTt MltryCrteSd MltryCrteSd2 MltryCrteTp NULL NULLl SandCCrete SandCrtLrgSd SandCrtLrgTp SandCrtSmSd SandCrtSmTp SandRoad SandRoadTgt SandRoadTgtA SandRoadTgtB SandTrim SandWllDoor SandWllDoor2 SandWllWndw SandWllWndw2 SandWllWndw3 Smoe_Urban_059 WOOD_SHTTRZ_1 aaatrigger aaatrigger1 acoperis1 apa1 as_wood2 bStuccoBrdr bStuccoPost bStuccoTrim bStuccoWidePost bStuccoWnd bakeryWindow baner bankroof barrel3 barrel4 bcrate02 bcrate07 bigCrate0 bigCrate1 bigCrate2 bigCrateTop black blackk blue blueHangingRug blueRug border bowlroof bowlside brdly3_back1 brdly3_btile1 brdly3_frnt1 brdly3_side1 brdly3_top1 brickGrass brickPath brown brownn burns burnsceiling burnsdoor burnsprtrait bus bushs bymache calendar1 camo1 camo2 camo3 camoside ccWall cement chestDrawers clayRoofSide col_barril1 col_barril2 col_caixote1 col_caixote2 col_calcada col_caminho1 col_detalhe col_grama col_igreja col_igreja2 col_igreja3 col_jan3 col_janela1 col_lamparina col_muro1 col_muro2 col_muro3 col_muro4 col_muro_ext3 col_muro_fonte col_muro_porta col_muro_porta2 col_muro_porta3 col_muro_portao col_muro_skip col_muroext col_muroext2 col_muroext3 col_muroext5 col_parede1 col_parede2 col_paredejan1 col_paredejan2 col_piso1 col_piso2 col_placa col_porta col_portao col_praia0 col_praia1 col_solo col_telhado1 col_telhado2 col_telhando04 comicstore computerside computersides computertop conc33 conc_bsmt_str conc_bsmt_wll conc_flr_crck conc_or_bld_3 conc_plantpot concrete controlpanel cortile_arco cortile_muro covor1 covor2 cpucase crate crate64 crateBox crateBoxLabel crater crd1 crd2 crd3 crd4 credit crete2_flr04 crossover04 csSandWall2 cubldb cubldb1 cubldc cubldc1 cublde cublde1 cubldf cudra cudra1 cudrb cudrd cudre cudre1 cudre2 cudrg cudri cudri1 cudrj cugena cugena1 cugena2 cugenab cugenap cugenb cugenc cugroundi cuiceila cuiceila1 cuiwlle cuiwllf cupllra custairsa custairsa1 cutrma cutrma1 cutrmb cutrmc cutrmc1 cutrmd cutrme cutrme1 cutrmf cutrmg cuwlla cuwlla1 cuwlla2 cuwllb cuwllb1 cuwllb2 cuwllc cuwlld cuwlle cuwlle1 cuwllf cuwllf1 cuwllf2 cuwllg cuwllg1 cuwllg2 cuwllgb cuwllh cuwllh1 cuwllhc cuwllj cuwllj1 cuwllj2 cuwllk cuwllk1 cuwllk2 cuwllm cuwllm1 cuwlln cuwlln1 cuwlln2 cuwllo cuwllo1 cuwllp cuwlls cuwlls1 cuwllt cuwllt1 cuwllu cuwllu1 cuwnda cuwnda1 cuwndb cuwndb1 cuwndc cuwndc1 cuwndd cuwnde cuwndf cuwndf1 cuwndg cuwndg1 cuwndh cuwndh1 cuwndi cuwndib cuwndib1 cuwndj cuwndk cuwndl cuwndl1 cuwndm cuwndn cuwndn1 cuwndo cuwndp cuwndq cuwndq1 cxbarrela cxbrcka cxbrckc cxbricketrima cxbrickf cxbrickf1 cxbrickfarch cxbrickfarchiv cxbrickfbrkn cxbrickfcrk cxbrickfdoor cxbrickfdoorb cxbrickfdoorc cxbrickftrim cxbrickftrim1 cxbrickftrimc cxbrickftrimd cxbrickftrimiv cxbrickfwdwa cxbrickfwdwb cxbrickfwdwc cxbrickfwdwd cxbrickfwdwdiv cxbrickfwdwf cxbrickfwdwfrm cxbrickfwdwh cxbrickh cxbrickhmrtr cxbricki cxbrickiend cxbrickj cxbrickj1 cxbrickj2 cxbrickjarch cxbrickjflr cxdrd cxdrd1 cxgroundjtrima cxlighta cxpota cxroofa cxtapc cxtapd cxtape cxwalltrima cxwdwain cxwllestairs cxwlletrim cxwllf cxwllfend cxwllg cxwllgend cxwllh dbl_drs1_1 dbl_drs1_5 dev_128 dev_64 dev_lookbhd dev_noob128 dev_noob64 dev_suck128 dev_suck64 dev_umiss djCrate1Top djCrete1Dirty djCrete1Plain djCrete1Sl djCrete1SlDrty djEastDoor1 djEastDoor1A djEastDoor1B djEstWll2 djEstWll2W11 djEstWll2W22 djEstWll2W2Dr djEstWll3 djEstWll3AD2 djEstWll3AD3 djEstWll3ArchDr djEstWll3DrW2 djEstWll3Grf djEstWll3W11 djEstWll3W22 djEstWll3b djEstWll3c djEstWll5 djEstWll5Arch djEstWll5ArchSm djEstWll5W2 djEstWll5W2Dr djEstWll5W2Dty djEstWll5W2b djEstWll5W2c djEstWll5W3 djEstWll5b djEstWll5c djEstWll6 djEstWll6Dr djEstWll6DrW1r djEstWll6Dty doghouse donuts door door2_1 door2_11 door2_12 door2a door4a door5a door_01 door_03 door_2 door_3 door_5 door_5a door_5b door_5c door_elev door_penal1_8 door_penal1_81 door_plain door_plain02 door_wood02 door_wood021 door_wood022 door_wood023 dr_oldwd01 dr_oldwd03 dr_oldwd031 dr_oldwd04 dr_oldwd041 dr_oldwd05 dr_oldwd051 drkWood drkWood1 duct_flr01 duct_flr01a duct_flr02 duct_flr02a duct_wall02 duct_wall03 duct_wall04 duff dusand eastdoor1 eastdoor11 eastdoor2 eastwdwdj0 eastwndwn0 eastwndwn0b eastwndwn0c eastwndwn1b eastwndwntall edge exp-crate1 exp-crate2 fence fereastra1 fereastra2 fifties_dr6 fifties_dr6a fifties_dr6a2 fifties_dr6a22 fifties_dr6b fishBox flanderroof flanders flanderswindow flour floweredWindow garage garbagetop generic011 glass_green glassblue1 green greenpipe grey greypipe ground ground2 groutTiles gryStuccoBrdr gryStuccoSpade gryStuccoTrim hlitalia_door hobrock homerroof hotSHEEP i_grate1 jbRockA jst katie_poster keyboard_white krustybillboard krustystore kwikimart kwikimartroof kwikimartside kwikimartsign lemn1 light locker1 locker2 lockers01 lthr_cch lthr_cch2 lthr_cch3 lthr_cch4 ma_caixa1 madeira002 madeira003 magHangingRug magcover1 magcover2 magcover3 magcover4 mario_1S_K_Y mario_2S_K_Y mario_3S_K_Y mario_box mario_box_ask mario_box_blank mario_box_br mario_box_eys mario_box_klbl mario_box_kntgl mario_box_korbl mario_box_ljs mario_box_ljvi mario_box_mobl mario_box_mobr mario_box_not mario_box_notgr mario_box_utgr mario_box_utgu mario_box_utro mario_grass mario_grass_2 mario_mario_mar mario_road_gras mario_ror_1_ mario_ror_2_ mario_ror_3_ mario_ror_4_ mario_swampbrow mario_swampdelu mario_tavla_fiv mario_tavla_fou mario_tavla_one mario_tavla_six mario_tavla_thr mario_tavla_two mario_wall mario_window mdoor1 mdoor2 mktFloor moes moesign moesside msnDoor1 msnDoor11 muralArc muralLong muralbStucco mz_grass4 nucwall nukecan nukehalls nukeoutside oakDoor of_billboard of_crate01a of_crate01b of_crate01c of_crate01d of_crate02a of_crate02b of_crate03a of_crate03b of_crate03c of_crate03d of_crate03top of_got_milk oldDoor oldRadio oldWood oldWood1 orange origin out_snbag out_snbag2 out_snbagb out_snbagc out_tnt1 out_tnt1b out_tnt1c out_tnt2 out_tnt3 out_tnt3b p_cabinet1_5a painting01 painting02 painting03 painting04 painting05 painting06 painting07 painting08 painting09 painting1 painting10 painting11 painting12 painting13 painting14 painting15 painting16 painting17 painting18 painting19 painting2 painting20 painting4 painting5 painting6 pamant panelWood pebbleCobble perete1 perete2 pi_bigdoor pileOlemons pileOtomatoes pillar pink pipe pipe_tip pipe_top pipes plex plexband plexband2 plexposter plexposter2 question rWallgBrick r_door09 r_door10 r_door11 rdPCTrash1 red red1 redHangingRug redRug redblazer rma_chamine rma_detalhe rma_muro5 rochedo03 rockWall rug rus_wood1000 sandcrate scanduri scroll_water scrollwater sectorsign sheepKing shutteredWindow sideLight sidewalk sign7 sign80 sign_PrdgyInc sign_Prsdnt ski_caixote04 sky sky1 smallwindow smrdis sndcblStone snow snow_rockcliff4 sodaside spadish springfieldbill stoneWall stop street stucco tak theandroidsdung tile_1 tile_2 tk_door6 tk_door7 tk_door8 tk_doorpanel tk_templeslate tk_wooddarkslat treebark tsmoss turquoise tv tvside used used2 usi vent vo_door01 vo_door03 vo_door04 wBarrelSide wBarrelTop wall wall2 wd_door_bsmt wdnDrawers wdtrimv64b white whiteRockWall window window1 windowHalf windowWhite winware5 wlPaper wlPaper1 wlStuccoBrdr wlStuccoTrim wlStuccoWnd wood wood01 wood2 wood_door_orn wood_doors_dz_2 wood_tiled wooddd woodedWindow yellow {99store {as_ladder {blaetterdach {blatt2 {bush {cloud1 {col_arbusto5 {col_escada {comicstoreawn {donutcross {duct_vnt2 {grass1 {grass2 {greentree7 {hangingIvy1 {hangingIvy2 {hills {invisible {javaserver {ladder1 {madebymache {mario_swamp1 {mario_swamp2 {mario_swamp3 {mario_swamp4 {ornateGate {out_net1 {out_net1b {pipe_down {pipe_top {razor1 {rma_can {rma_galo {rma_helice {rustyrungs {sewerladder {simpladder {simptrees {tk_plantSM {tree {treee {twn-tree {vine1 {wineRack {wineRack1 {wineRack2 ~blueRug ~generic87 ~generic88 ~lab1_comp3d ~lab1_comp4 ~lab1_comp5 ~lab1_comp7b ~lab1_comp8 ~lab_crt9b ~redRug
05-06-2011 by Chapo
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@X-Z, can you try again? I think the necessary library is now installed.
06-20-2017 at 2:39 PM
I tried, it works, thanks!
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