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01-21-2013 by Chapo
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!fluid1a !fluid1b !fluid2 !fluid2b !fluid3 !fluid4 !fluid4b !toxicgrn !toxicgrn2 !waterblue !watergreen !watersilo !watersilo2 !watersilo3 +0button1 +0button2 +0button3 +0button4 +0buttonlite +0buttonsuit +0c1a4_swtch2 +0c1a4_swtch3 +0c1a4_swtch4 +0c1a4_swtch5 +0c2a2_sig1 +0c3a1_nrc1 +0c3a2status +0c4a1a_fnnl1 +0ca1x_brd2 +0crete_swtch1a +0cstrike_ie1lt +0cstrike_se4sw +0drkmtl_scrn +0elev_down +0elev_down2 +0elev_up +0elev_up2 +0exit +0fif_mon1 +0fiftsstch4 +0flickermon +0fusebox +0generic_109 +0generic_113 +0lab1_cmpm1 +0lab1_cmpm2 +0lab1_cmpm3 +0lab1_cmpm4 +0lab1_comp10b +0lab1_comp10c +0lab1_comp10e +0lab1_comp9a +0lab1_comp9a2 +0lab1_comp9b +0lab1_comp9b2 +0lab1_comp9c +0lab1_door7 +0lab1_pnl1 +0lab1_pnl1b +0lab1_w6 +0lab1_w6b +0lab1_w7 +0lab4_swtch +0lab_compm4 +0laser1fall +0medkit +0metswitch1 +0of_easter +0recharge +0sign42a +0tnnl_gad1 +0tnnl_gad2 +0trrm_trg1 +0waterf +0xeno_13 +0xeno_13c +0~autolck +0~c2a4_cmp1 +0~c2a4_cmp2 +0~c2a4_lgt1 +0~c2a4_sch1 +0~c2a4_sch2 +0~c2a4_sgn +0~c2a4_sgn1 +0~c2a4_w2 +0~c2a4_wav +0~c2a4c2b +0~c2a4c2c +0~c2a4c2d +0~cretestch01a +0~drkmtllgt1 +0~drkmtls1 +0~drkmtls2 +0~drkmtls2b +0~drkmtls2c +0~drkmtls3 +0~drkmtls4 +0~elev1_pan +0~elev2_pan +0~fifties_cau +0~fifties_lgt2 +0~fiftiestch3 +0~fifts_lght01 +0~fifts_lght06 +0~fifts_lght3 +0~fifts_lght4 +0~fifts_lght5 +0~fuse +0~generic65 +0~generic78a +0~generic78b +0~generic78c +0~generic78d +0~generic85 +0~generic86 +0~generic86b +0~generic86r +0~gymlight +0~lab1_acs1 +0~lab1_acs2 +0~lab1_brd5 +0~lab1_cau +0~lab1_cmp1 +0~lab1_cmp2 +0~lab1_gad2 +0~lab1_gad3 +0~lab1_sw1 +0~lab_crt1 +0~lab_crt2 +0~lab_crt5 +0~lab_crt7 +0~lab_crt8 +0~light1 +0~light2a +0~light3a +0~light4a +0~light5a +0~light6a +0~metalstch2 +0~tnnl_lgt1 +0~tnnl_lgt2 +0~tnnl_lgt3 +0~tnnl_lgt4 +0~white +1c3a1_nrc1 +1c4a1a_fnnl1 +1ca1x_brd2 +1drkmtl_scrn +1flickermon +1generic_109 +1generic_113 +1lab1_cmpm1 +1lab1_cmpm2 +1lab1_cmpm3 +1lab1_cmpm4 +1lab1_comp10b +1lab1_comp10c +1lab1_comp10e +1lab1_comp9a +1lab1_comp9a2 +1lab1_comp9b +1lab1_comp9b2 +1lab1_comp9c +1lab_compm4 +1laser1fall +1of_easter +1waterf +1xeno_13 +1xeno_13c +1~c2a4_cmp1 +1~c2a4_cmp2 +1~c2a4_sch1 +1~c2a4_sgn +1~c2a4_sgn1 +1~c2a4_w2 +1~c2a4_wav +1~c2a4c2b +1~c2a4c2c +1~c2a4c2d +1~cretestch01a +1~elev1_pan +1~elev2_pan +1~generic78a +1~generic78b +1~generic78c +1~generic78d +1~lab1_acs1 +1~lab1_acs2 +1~lab1_cmp1 +1~lab1_cmp2 +1~lab1_gad3 +1~lab_crt1 +1~lab_crt2 +1~lab_crt5 +1~lab_crt7 +1~lab_crt8 +2c4a1a_fnnl1 +2ca1x_brd2 +2drkmtl_scrn +2flickermon +2lab1_cmpm1 +2lab1_cmpm2 +2lab1_cmpm3 +2lab1_cmpm4 +2lab1_comp10b +2lab1_comp10c +2lab1_comp10e +2lab1_comp9a +2lab1_comp9a2 +2lab1_comp9b +2lab1_comp9b2 +2lab1_comp9c +2lab_compm4 +2laser1fall +2waterf +2xeno_13 +2xeno_13c +2~c2a4_cmp2 +2~c2a4_sch1 +2~c2a4_sgn +2~c2a4_sgn1 +2~c2a4_w2 +2~c2a4_wav +2~c2a4c2b +2~c2a4c2c +2~c2a4c2d +2~elev1_pan +2~elev2_pan +2~lab1_cmp1 +2~lab1_cmp2 +2~lab_crt2 +2~lab_crt5 +3c4a1a_fnnl1 +3flickermon +3lab1_cmpm1 +3lab1_cmpm2 +3lab1_cmpm3 +3lab_compm4 +3laser1fall +3waterf +3xeno_13 +3xeno_13c +3~c2a4_cmp2 +3~c2a4_sch1 +3~c2a4_sgn +3~c2a4_sgn1 +3~c2a4_w2 +3~c2a4c2b +3~c2a4c2c +3~elev1_pan +3~lab1_cmp1 +3~lab_crt2 +4flickermon +4lab1_cmpm1 +4lab1_cmpm3 +4lab_compm4 +4waterf +4~c2a4_cmp2 +4~c2a4_sch1 +4~c2a4_w2 +4~c2a4c2b +4~c2a4c2c +4~elev1_pan +4~lab1_cmp1 +5flickermon +5lab1_cmpm3 +5~c2a4_cmp2 +5~c2a4_sch1 +5~c2a4_w2 +5~lab1_cmp1 +6flickermon +6~c2a4_cmp2 +6~lab1_cmp1 +7flickermon +7~c2a4_cmp2 +7~lab1_cmp1 +8flickermon +9flickermon +abutton1 +abutton2 +abutton3 +abutton4 +abuttonlite +abuttonsuit +ac1a4_swtch2 +ac1a4_swtch3 +ac1a4_swtch4 +ac1a4_swtch5 +ac3a1_nrc1 +ac3a2status +acrete_swtch1a +acstrike_ie1lt +acstrike_se4sw +aelev_down +aelev_down2 +aelev_up +aelev_up2 +aexit +afif_mon1 +afiftsstch4 +afusebox +ageneric_113 +agymlight +alab1_d +alab1_door7 +alab1_pnl1 +alab1_pnl1b +alab1_sw1 +alab1_w6 +alab1_w6a +alab1_w6b +alab1_w7 +alab4_swtch +amedkit +ametswitch1 +arecharge +asign42a +atnnl_gad1 +atnnl_gad2 +atrrm_trg1 +a~autolock +a~c2a4_cmp2 +a~c2a4_lgt1 +a~c2a4_sch1 +a~c2a4_sch2 +a~c2a4_sgn +a~c2a4_sgn1 +a~drkmtl_scrn +a~drkmtllgt1 +a~drkmtls1 +a~drkmtls2 +a~drkmtls3 +a~drkmtls4 +a~elev1_pan +a~elev2_pan +a~fifties_cau +a~fifties_lgt2 +a~fifts_lght01 +a~fifts_lght06 +a~fifts_lght3 +a~fifts_lght4 +a~fifts_lght5 +a~fuse +a~generic65 +a~generic78a +a~generic78b +a~generic78c +a~generic78d +a~generic85 +a~generic86 +a~generic86b +a~generic86r +a~gymlight +a~lab1_brd5 +a~lab1_cau +a~lab1_cmp2 +a~lab1_gad2 +a~lab1_gad3 +a~lab1_gad3b +a~lab1_sw1 +a~light1 +a~light2a +a~light3a +a~light4a +a~light5a +a~light6a +a~metalstch2 +a~tnnl_lgt1 +a~tnnl_lgt2 +a~tnnl_lgt3 +a~tnnl_lgt4 +olab1_gun1 -0Rock -0Sand -0SandRock -0WntrWll -0babfl -0babtech7 -0babtech7b -0babtech8 -0babtech8b -0babtech_c5 -0babtech_flr10 -0baseblue -0c1a4_fuel -0c1a4_oxy -0c1a4_pow -0c1a4_w5 -0c1a4_w6 -0c2a4_cor2 -0c2a4_flr6 -0c2a4_flr6b -0c2a4_pan1 -0c2a4_pan2 -0c2a4_vat1 -0c2a4_w1 -0c2a4_w2 -0c2a4c1 -0c2a4d_panel -0c2a4e_w1 -0ca1x_c1 -0crete2_flr04 -0crete2_flr5 -0crete4_flr01 -0crete4_flr1 -0crete4_wall01 -0crete4w3 -0crete6 -0csSandWall -0cstrike_ca2st -0cstrike_fj2dk -0cstrike_fr4cc -0cstrike_fr4gr -0cstrike_ma1bl -0cstrike_mb2gg -0cstrike_me1pl -0cstrike_me2ri -0cstrike_mh5tl -0cstrike_mj2sg -0cstrike_mr2dr -0cstrike_mr2st -0cstrike_wa5or -0cstrike_wb6bk -0cstrike_we1mt -0cstrike_we4al -0cstrike_wk4st -0cstrike_wr3cc -0fift_wall13 -0fifties_c -0fifties_case -0fifties_case2 -0fifties_f01 -0fifties_f02 -0fifties_f03 -0fifties_f03b -0fifties_w06 -0fifties_w12 -0fifties_w12b -0fifties_w13 -0fifties_w13b -0freezer_pan1 -0freezer_pan2 -0freezerc4 -0genpipe1 -0glassbrick -0hfloor01 -0lab1_flr7 -0lab1_w4gad -0lab3_c4 -0lab3_flr1 -0lab3_flr1b -0lab3_flr4 -0lab3_w6 -0lab3_w6b -0lab5_c1 -0out_c3 -0out_c3b -0out_crt2a -0out_crt2b -0out_cuby -0out_dirt2 -0out_grnd2b -0out_grnd3 -0out_grss1 -0out_grvl1 -0out_rk3 -0out_rk4 -0out_rk5 -0out_rkpath -0out_w3 -0out_w4 -0out_w5 -0out_w5b -0out_wall3 -0out_wall8 -0out_wall9 -0out_wter -0silo2_c1 -0silo2_cor2 -0silo2_flr11 -0silo2_p1 -0silo2_p2 -0silo2_p2b -0silo2_p3 -0silo2_p4 -0silo2_pan2 -0silo2_w3 -0silo2_wall1 -0silo2_wall2 -0silo2_wall2b -0silo2_wall3 -0silo2_wall4 -0tech_1wa -0tech_2wa -0tech_3wa -0tech_4wa -0tech_5wa -0tech_flr1 -0tech_sup3 -0tnnl_c1b2 -0tnnl_crt1 -0tnnl_flr1 -0tnnl_flr1b -0tnnl_flr7 -0tnnl_rck1 -0tnnl_w12a -0tnnl_w13a -0tnnl_w4 -0xeno_2w1 -0xeno_2w2 -0xeno_2wa -0xeno_4wa -0xeno_8flr1 -1Rock -1Sand -1SandRock -1babfl -1babtech7 -1babtech7b -1babtech8 -1babtech8b -1babtech_c5 -1babtech_flr10 -1baseblue -1c1a4_fuel -1c1a4_oxy -1c1a4_pow -1c1a4_w5 -1c1a4_w6 -1c2a4_cor2 -1c2a4_flr6 -1c2a4_flr6b -1c2a4_pan1 -1c2a4_pan2 -1c2a4_vat1 -1c2a4_w1 -1c2a4_w2 -1c2a4c1 -1c2a4d_panel -1c2a4e_w1 -1ca1x_c1 -1crete2_flr04 -1crete2_flr5 -1crete4_flr01 -1crete4_flr1 -1crete4_wall01 -1crete4w3 -1crete6 -1csSandWall -1cstrike_ca2st -1cstrike_fj2dk -1cstrike_fr4cc -1cstrike_fr4gr -1cstrike_ma1bl -1cstrike_mb2gg -1cstrike_me1pl -1cstrike_me2ri -1cstrike_mh5tl -1cstrike_mj2sg -1cstrike_mr2dr -1cstrike_mr2st -1cstrike_wa5or -1cstrike_wb6bk -1cstrike_we1mt -1cstrike_we4al -1cstrike_wk4st -1cstrike_wr3cc -1fifties_c -1fifties_case -1fifties_case2 -1fifties_f01 -1fifties_f02 -1fifties_f03 -1fifties_f03b -1fifties_w06 -1fifties_w12 -1fifties_w12b -1fifties_w13 -1fifties_w13b -1freezer_pan1 -1freezer_pan2 -1freezerc4 -1genpipe1 -1glassbrick -1hfloor01 -1lab1_flr7 -1lab1_w4gad -1lab3_c4 -1lab3_flr1 -1lab3_flr1b -1lab3_flr4 -1lab3_w6 -1lab3_w6b -1lab5_c1 -1out_c3 -1out_c3b -1out_crt2a -1out_crt2b -1out_cuby -1out_dirt2 -1out_grnd2b -1out_grnd3 -1out_grss1 -1out_grvl1 -1out_rk3 -1out_rk4 -1out_rk5 -1out_rkpath -1out_w3 -1out_w4 -1out_w5 -1out_w5b -1out_wall3 -1out_wall8 -1out_wall9 -1out_wter -1silo2_c1 -1silo2_cor2 -1silo2_flr11 -1silo2_p1 -1silo2_p2 -1silo2_p2b -1silo2_p3 -1silo2_p4 -1silo2_pan2 -1silo2_w3 -1silo2_wall1 -1silo2_wall2 -1silo2_wall2b -1silo2_wall3 -1silo2_wall4 -1tech_1wa -1tech_2wa -1tech_3wa -1tech_4wa -1tech_5wa 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-3lab3_flr4 -3lab5_c1 -3out_crt2a -3out_cuby -3out_dirt2 -3out_rk3 -3out_rk4 -3out_rk5 -3out_w4 -3out_w5 -3out_w5b -3out_wall3 -3out_wter -3silo2_c1 -3silo2_flr11 -3silo2_p2 -3silo2_p2b -3silo2_p3 -3silo2_pan2 -3silo2_wall1 -3tech_1wa -3tech_flr1 -3tnnl_c1b2 -3tnnl_crt1 -3tnnl_flr1 -3tnnl_flr1b -3tnnl_w4 -4crete4_flr1 -4cstrike_ma1bl -4cstrike_me1pl -4cstrike_wa5or -4cstrike_wr3cc -4glassbrick -4hfloor01 -4out_cuby -4out_dirt2 -4out_rk3 -4out_wall3 -4out_wter -4silo2_pan2 -4silo2_wall1 -4tnnl_w4 -5cstrike_me1pl -5cstrike_wr3cc -5out_cuby -5silo2_wall1 -6cstrike_me1pl C3A1_CRATE1B C3A1_CRATE2B C3A1_CRATE3B Core_Urban_020 Core_Urban_023 Core_Urban_026 Core_Urban_027 Core_Urban_028 Core_Urban_036 Core_Urban_040 Core_Urban_051 Core_Urban_054 Core_Urban_055 Core_Urban_059 Core_Urban_061 Core_Urban_066 Core_Urban_067 Core_Urban_086 Core_Urban_090 Core_Urban_093 Core_Urban_111 Core_Urban_117 Core_Urban_120 Core_Urban_135 Core_Urban_136 Core_Urban_141 Core_Urban_142 Core_Urban_143 Core_Urban_144 Core_Urban_151 Core_Urban_152 Core_Urban_153 Core_Urban_173 Core_Urban_192 Core_Urban_198 Core_Urban_204 CpMonitor CpMonitor2 CpMonitor20001 CpMonitor3 CrdBrdSde1 CrdBrdSde2 CrdBrdTop Graph MltryCrteSd MltryCrteSd2 MltryCrteTp SandCCrete SandCrtLrgSd SandCrtLrgTp SandCrtSmSd SandCrtSmTp SandRoad SandRoadTgt SandRoadTgtA SandRoadTgtB SandTrim SandWllDoor SandWllDoor2 SandWllWndw SandWllWndw2 SandWllWndw3 Smoe_Urban_059 TRUCK4 WntrCCrete WntrCrtLid WntrCrtLrg WntrIce WntrSnow WntrTrim WntrWndw aaatrigger air_c1 ammo01 ammo02 ammo03 ammo04 armsides babtech6 babtech6_2 babtech6a babtech6a2 babtech6b babtech6b2 babtech6c babtech6c2 babtech6d babtech6e babtech7 babtech7c1 babtech8a babtech8b babtech9a babtech9b babtech9c babtech9d babtech_bordl5 babtech_bordl52 babtech_bordl7 babtech_bordl7b babtech_bordl8 babtech_bordl8b babtech_bordl9 babtech_ceil01 babtech_ceil02 babtech_ceil03 babtech_ceil04 babtech_dr1a babtech_dr1b babtech_dr1c babtech_dr1d babtech_dr1e babtech_dr2e babtech_dr4 babtech_dr4a babtech_dr4b babtech_dr4c babtech_flr02 babtech_sildr2 babtech_wall01a babtech_wall01b babtech_wall03 barrel2 barrel2a barrel2b barrel3 barrel4 barreltop baseflr01 baseflr02 baseflr03 baseflr04 basetrim01 basetrim02 basewall01a basewall01b basewall01c basewall01d basewall01e basewall01f basewall03a basewall04b basewall04c basewall05a bcontainer1 bcontainer2 bcontainer3 bcrate02 bcrate03 bcrate04 bcrate05 bcrate06 bcrate07 bcrate08 bcrate09a bcrate09b bcrate09c bcrate12 bcrate14 bcrate15 bcrate16 bcrate17 bcrate18 bcrate25 bcrate26 biosphinc1 biotech_1c biotech_1d biotech_1e biotech_1f2 biotech_1h biotech_1i biotech_1j biotech_1k biotech_1l biotech_2 biotech_2b biotech_2f biotech_2g biotech_flr1 black brdly2_back1 brdly2_btile1 brdly2_frnt1 brdly2_side1 brdly2_top1 brdly3_back1 brdly3_btile1 brdly3_frnt1 brdly3_side1 brdly3_top1 brdly_back1 brdly_btile1 brdly_frnt1 brdly_side1 brdly_top1 c0a0_track c0a0yellow c1a0_c1 c1a0_flipsign1 c1a0_flipsign2 c1a0_flipsign3 c1a0_flipsign4 c1a0_flipsign5 c1a0_flipsign6 c1a0_flipsign7 c1a0_flipsign8 c1a0_labflr c1a0_labflrb c1a0_labflrc c1a0_labflrd c1a0_labflre c1a0_labglu c1a0_labw1 c1a0_labw2 c1a0_labw3 c1a0_labw4 c1a0_labw5 c1a0_labw6 c1a0_labw7 c1a0_labw7b c1a0_labw7c c1a0_labw8 c1a0_w1 c1a0_w1d1 c1a0_w1d2 c1a0_w1d3 c1a0_w1d4 c1a0_w1d5 c1a0_w2 c1a0_w3 c1a0_w4 c1a0_wdsign c1a0_wx c1a0a_w3 c1a0a_w3a c1a0a_w3b c1a0a_w3c c1a0a_w3sign c1a0a_w5a c1a0a_w5b c1a0b_dr1 c1a0b_dr1a c1a0b_dr2 c1a0b_dr2a c1a0b_dr3 c1a0b_dr3a c1a0b_dr3b c1a0b_dr4 c1a0b_dr4a c1a0b_dr4b c1a0b_pan1 c1a0b_pan2 c1a0b_pan3 c1a0dr1 c1a0dr2 c1a1_bkt c1a1_bktb c1a1_c1 c1a1_c1a c1a1_c1b c1a1_crate1 c1a1_crate2 c1a1_dr1 c1a1_dr1b c1a1_dr2 c1a1_dr3 c1a1_dr3b c1a1_flr1 c1a1_flr2a c1a1_flr2b c1a1_flr2c c1a1_gad1 c1a1_gad2 c1a1_gad3 c1a1_gad4 c1a1_gad4a c1a1_ggt8 c1a1_laidlaw1 c1a1_laidlaw2 c1a1_laidlaw3 c1a1_laser c1a1_lino c1a1_locker c1a1_names1 c1a1_names10 c1a1_names11 c1a1_names12 c1a1_names13 c1a1_names14 c1a1_names15 c1a1_names16 c1a1_names17 c1a1_names18 c1a1_names19 c1a1_names2 c1a1_names20 c1a1_names21 c1a1_names22 c1a1_names23 c1a1_names24 c1a1_names25 c1a1_names26 c1a1_names3 c1a1_names4 c1a1_names5 c1a1_names6 c1a1_names7 c1a1_names8 c1a1_names9 c1a1_sign1 c1a1_swtch1 c1a1_tnk1 c1a1_trim1 c1a1_trim2 c1a1_w1 c1a1_w1b c1a1_w1b1 c1a1_w1b2 c1a1_w1b3 c1a1_w1b4 c1a1_w1b5 c1a1_w1h c1a1_w1i c1a1_window c1a1a_sign1 c1a1a_w3 c1a1a_w3a c1a1a_w3b c1a1a_w3c c1a1a_w4 c1a1a_w4a c1a1c_w1 c1a1c_w1b c1a1c_w1c c1a1c_w2 c1a1c_w2b c1a1door1 c1a1door2 c1a1dooredge c1a1dr3 c1a1dr4 c1a1sign2a c1a1sign2b c1a1sign3 c1a1w1c c1a1w1d c1a1w1e c1a1w1f c1a1w1g c1a1w1i c1a1w1j c1a1w1k c1a1w1l c1a1w1m c1a1w1n c1a1w1o c1a2_c1 c1a2_flr1 c1a2_flr2 c1a2_w1 c1a3_dr1 c1a3_dr1a c1a3_sign1 c1a3_sign2 c1a3_sign3 c1a3_sign4 c1a3_sign5 c1a3_sign6 c1a3_sign7 c1a3_sign8 c1a3_w1a c1a3_w1b c1a3_w1b2 c1a3_w1b3 c1a3_w1b4 c1a3_w1c c1a3_w1d c1a3_w1d2 c1a3_w1e c1a3_w1e2 c1a3_w1f c1a3_w2a c1a3_w2b c1a3_w2c c1a3_w2d c1a3c_map c1a3firedr01 c1a3floor02 c1a3secdr02 c1a3ventdr01 c1a3ventdr02 c1a3wall01 c1a3wall02 c1a3wall03 c1a3wall04 c1a3wall05 c1a3wall06 c1a3wall07 c1a3wall08 c1a3wall09 c1a3wall10 c1a3yellow c1a4_c1c c1a4_c1d c1a4_canis c1a4_dome c1a4_dome2 c1a4_dome3 c1a4_dr4a c1a4_dr4b c1a4_dr4c c1a4_fan c1a4_fuel c1a4_fuel2 c1a4_fuel3 c1a4_oxy c1a4_oxy2 c1a4_oxy3 c1a4_pan1a c1a4_pan1b c1a4_pan2a c1a4_pan3a c1a4_pow c1a4_sign1a c1a4_sign1b c1a4_sign1c c1a4_sign1d c1a4_sign2 c1a4_sign3 c1a4_silo1 c1a4_silo2 c1a4_silo2b c1a4_silo3 c1a4_silo4a c1a4_silo4b c1a4_silo4c c1a4_silo5 c1a4_swtch1 c1a4_swtch2 c1a4_swtch3 c1a4_tent c1a4_w4 c1a4_w5 c1a4_w6 c1a4b_w1 c1a4b_w2 c1a4b_w3 c1a4b_w3b c1a4f_w1 c1a4f_w1a c1a4f_w2 c1a4f_w2a c1a4i_c1a c1a4i_w1a c1a4i_w1b c1a4i_w1c c1a4tnnl1 c1a4tnnl1b c1a4tnnl1c c1a4tnnl1c2 c1a4tnnl1c3 c1a4tnnl1c4 c1a4tnnl1c5 c1a4tnnl1d c1a4tnnl1e c2a1_sign1 c2a1_w1 c2a1_w1a c2a1_w2 c2a1_w3 c2a1_w4 c2a2_dr c2a2_launch c2a2_launch1 c2a2_launch2 c2a2_satorb c2a2_sig1a c2a2_sig1b c2a2_sig1c c2a2_volt c2a2a_lift1 c2a2a_lift2 c2a2a_sign1 c2a2a_sign2a c2a2a_sign2b c2a2a_sign2c c2a2a_sign3a c2a2a_sign3b c2a2a_sign4 c2a2a_sign5a c2a2a_sign5b c2a2a_sign5c c2a3_crane1 c2a3_crane2 c2a3_crane3 c2a3_door c2a3_gar1 c2a3_gar2 c2a3_gar3 c2a3_gar4 c2a3compactor1 c2a3icky c2a3rustdoor1 c2a3turbine1 c2a3turbine2 c2a3turbine3 c2a3turbine4 c2a4_brd1 c2a4_brd1r c2a4_brd1y3 c2a4_brd2a c2a4_brd2b c2a4_brd4b c2a4_brd4r c2a4_brd4y c2a4_c1 c2a4_c2 c2a4_cmp1 c2a4_conv1 c2a4_conv2 c2a4_dr1 c2a4_dr3a c2a4_dr3b c2a4_flr1 c2a4_flr1b c2a4_flr2 c2a4_flr3 c2a4_flr3b c2a4_flr4 c2a4_flr5a c2a4_flr5b c2a4_flr6 c2a4_gad2 c2a4_gib1 c2a4_gib2 c2a4_gib3 c2a4_h2a c2a4_h2b c2a4_h2c c2a4_h2e c2a4_h2e2 c2a4_h2e3 c2a4_h2e4 c2a4_h2f c2a4_h2f2 c2a4_h2g c2a4_las c2a4_las2 c2a4_lasgun c2a4_pan2 c2a4_pan3 c2a4_pan4 c2a4_sgn1a c2a4_shield c2a4_sign1 c2a4_sign2 c2a4_sign3 c2a4_sign4 c2a4_sign5 c2a4_sign6 c2a4_stasis c2a4_swtch1 c2a4_trim1 c2a4_trim2 c2a4_trim3 c2a4_vat1 c2a4_vat1brd c2a4_vat2 c2a4_vat3 c2a4_vat4 c2a4_vat5 c2a4_vat6 c2a4_vat7 c2a4_w1a c2a4_w1h c2a4_w2dr c2a4b_sign1 c2a4c2 c2a4c3 c2a4d_panel c2a4e_w1 c2a4e_w1b c2a4e_w1c c2a4w1c c2a4x_brd2a c2a4x_brd2b c2a4x_c1 c2a4x_c2 c2a4x_c3 c2a4x_dr4 c2a4x_dr5 c2a4x_glu c2a4x_h2e c2a4x_h2e2 c2a4x_h2e3 c2a4x_h2e4 c2a4x_pan3 c2a4xc2 c2a4xc3 c2a5_dest1 c2a5_dr c2a5_gun1 c2a5_intk c2a5_intk2 c2a5_intk3 c2a5_sign1 c2a5_sign2 c2a5button1 c2a5button2 c2a5c_pipe1 c2a5deadcomp1 c2a5g_map c2a5g_sign1 c2a5helpad c2a5mound c2a5mound2 c2a5mound3 c2a5w_sign c3a1_crate1 c3a1_crate2 c3a1_crate3 c3a1_dgre1a c3a1_dgre1b c3a1_dgre1c c3a1_dgre1d c3a1_dgre1e c3a1_dgre1f c3a1_dgre1g c3a1_dgre1h c3a1_dgre1i c3a1_dgre2a c3a1_dgre2b c3a1_dgre2c c3a1_dgre2d c3a1_dgres c3a1_dgresa c3a1_dgresb c3a1_dgresc c3a1_dgresd c3a1_gear1 c3a1_gear1b c3a1_gear2 c3a1_gear3 c3a1_nrc2 c3a1_nrc2b c3a1_sign1 c3a1_sphinc c3a1_w1 c3a1_w2 c3a1_w2a c3a1_w3a c3a1_w3b c3a1_w3c c3a1_w5a c3a1_w5b c3a1_w5d c3a1b_w1 c3a1b_w1a c3a1b_w1b c3a1b_w1c c3a1b_w2 c3a1b_w3 c3a1b_w4 c3a1b_w5 c3a1b_w6 c3a1b_w7 c3a1b_w8 c3a2_bth1 c3a2_bth2a c3a2_bth2b c3a2_bth2c c3a2_ceil c3a2_dr1 c3a2_light c3a2_light2 c3a2_telepad c3a2_tnk4a c3a2_tnk4b c3a2_tnk4c c3a2_tnk5a c3a2_tnk5b c3a2_tnk5c c3a2a_brd1 c3a2a_brd1a c3a2a_brd1b c3a2a_pipe1 c3a2a_pipe2 c3a2a_telblu1 c3a2a_telblu2 c3a2a_telblu3 c3a2a_telred1a c3a2a_telred1b c3a2a_telred1c c3a2a_telred1d c3a2a_tnk1 c3a2a_tnk1b c3a2a_tnk2 c3a2a_tnk2b c3a2a_tnk3 c3a2a_tnk3b c3a2a_tnk3c c3a2a_tnk4 c3a2a_trans1 c3a2a_w1 c3a2a_w1a c3a2a_w1b c3a2a_w1c c3a2a_w1d c3a2a_w1e c3a2a_w1f c3a2a_w1g c3a2a_w1h c3a2a_w1i c3a2a_w1j c3a2a_w1k c3a2a_w1l c3a2a_w1m c3a2a_w2a c3a2a_w2b c3a2a_w2c c3a2a_w2d c3a2a_w2e c3a2a_w2f c3a2a_w3 c3a2b_reac c3a2b_reac1 c3a2b_reac1b c3a2b_reac1c c3a2b_reac1d c3a2b_reac1e c3a2b_reac2 c3a2b_reac2b c3a2b_reac2c c3a2b_reac2d c3a2b_reac2e1 c3a2b_reac2e2 c3a2b_reac2e3 c3a2b_reac2e4 c3a2b_reac3 c3a2b_reac3b c3a2b_reac4 c3a2b_reac5 c3a2b_reac5b c3a2sign00 c3a2sign01 c3a2sign02 c3a2sign03 c3a2sign04 c3a2sign05 c3a2sign06 c3a2sign07 c3a2sign08 c3a2sign10 c3a2sign11 c3a2sign12 c3a2sign13 c3a2sign14 c3a2sign15 c3a2sign16 c3a2sign17 c3a2sign18 c3a2sign19 c3a2sign20 c3a2sign21 c3a2sign22 c3a2sign23 c3a2sign24 c3a2sign25 c3a2sign26 c3a2sign28 c3a2sign29 c3a2sign30 c3a2sign31 c3a2sign32 c3a2sign33 c3a2sign34 c3a2sign35 c3a2sign36 c3a2sign37 c3a2sign38 c3a2sign39 c3a2sign40 c3a2sign41 c3a2sign42 c3a2sign44 c3a2sign45 c3a2sign46 c3a2sign47 c3a2sign48 c3a2sign49 c3a2sign50 c3a2sign51 c3a2sign52 c3a2sign53 c3a2sign54 c3a2sign55 c3a2sign56 c4a1_can1 c4a1a_fnnl1 c4a1a_fnnl2 c4a1a_isl1 c4a1a_sphinc1 c4a1a_sphinc1b c4a1a_sphinc1c c4a1a_spike1 c4a1a_spike1b c4a1a_swmpflr c4a1a_swmpflr2 c4a1a_swmpflr3 c4a1a_swmpflr4 c4a1a_swmpwl c4a1a_swmpwl2 c4a1a_swmpwl3 c4a2_shell1 c4a2_shell1b c_bldg1_2 c_bldg1_3 c_bldg2_1 c_bldg2_2 c_bldg2_brck c_bldg3_1 c_bldg3_2 c_bldg4_1 c_bldg4_2 c_bldg_4 c_rockwall c_sidewlk1 c_sign_blarco c_stone1 c_stone1_wndow c_tnnl_ccrete c_viewscreen1 c_viewscreen2 c_viewscreen3 ca1x2 ca1x2b ca1x_brd2 ca1x_c1a ca1x_c1b ca1x_c1c ca1x_c1d ca1x_c2a ca1x_c2b ca1x_c2c ca1x_c2d ca1x_con ca1x_con1a ca1x_con1b ca1x_con2 ca1x_monside ca1x_pcfront ca1x_pipe ca1x_sup1a ca1x_sup2 ca1x_sup3 ca1x_sup5 ca1x_sup5b ca1x_sup5c ca1x_sup6 ca1x_sup6b ca1x_w1 ca1x_w1b ca1x_w1c ca1x_w1d ca1x_w1e ca1x_w1f ca1x_w2 calendar1 cardbox1 cardbox2 cardbox3 cardbox4 cardboxbot1 cardboxtop1 cardboxtop2 chromebar clip clock1 clock2a clock2b clock2c clock3 con1_bord02 con1_bord03 con1_bord04 con1_wall01p conc33 cpucase crate01 crate02 crate02b crate03 crate04 crate05 crate06 crate07 crate08 crate08b crate09 crate09b crate09c crate10 crate11 crate12 crate13 crate19 crate20 crate21 crate22 crate23 crate24 crate25 crate27 crete1_wall01 crete2_flr01 crete2_flr02 crete2_flr03 crete2_flr03a crete2_flr03b crete2_flr03c crete2_wall01 crete2_wall02 crete2_wall03 crete3_ceil01 crete3_ceil02a crete3_ceil03 crete3_ceil03c crete3_flr04 crete3_flr05 crete3_flr05b crete3_wall01 crete3_wall01b crete3_wall02 crete4_c1 crete4_flr01 crete4_flr02 crete4_flr02d crete4_flr03 crete4_stp01 crete4_trd01 crete4_trd02 crete4_trd03 crete4_wall01 crete4_wall01b crete4_wall01c crete4b1 crete4w3 crete6a crete_bord01 crete_bord02 crete_bord03 crete_bord04 cretecrumble cretecrumble2 crys_1a crys_1b crys_1c crys_1top crys_2a crys_2b crys_2top crys_3a crys_3b crys_3top crys_4a crys_4b csSandWall2 cstrike_ce2xcng cstrike_ch3tile cstrike_cj2beam cstrike_cr2pln cstrike_de6horz cstrike_de6vert cstrike_dj2old cstrike_fe2gtng cstrike_fe2sqrs cstrike_fe4crgd cstrike_fh4wttl cstrike_fj2dock cstrike_fp2dark cstrike_fp2lght cstrike_fp2med cstrike_ft2dirt cstrike_ft2mud cstrike_ft3gras cstrike_ft4apht cstrike_me1clng cstrike_me1grat cstrike_me2drst cstrike_me2rstw cstrike_me4dcln cstrike_me4greb cstrike_me4metl cstrike_me4radr cstrike_me7caut cstrike_mj3shru cstrike_oe1bxsd cstrike_oe1bxtp cstrike_oe1lgbm cstrike_oe1smbm cstrike_oe2strr cstrike_oe2vent cstrike_oe4fnvt cstrike_oe4pnl cstrike_oe4pnlh cstrike_oe4vent cstrike_oe6tnkf cstrike_oe6tnks cstrike_wb6clmn cstrike_wb6fram cstrike_wb6hedr cstrike_wb6pln1 cstrike_wb6pln2 cstrike_wb6pln3 cstrike_wb6pln4 cstrike_wb6wnd cstrike_wb6wnd2 cstrike_we2ppwl cstrike_we2ribd cstrike_wg1ofce cstrike_wr4ccdr cstrike_wr4ccgg cstrike_wr4ccpn cstrike_wr4ccvt cstrike_wr4ccwd cstrike_wr4rgh cstrike_wr7pln cstrike_wr7plnf drkmtl_scrn2 drkmtl_scrn3 drkmtl_scrn4 drkmtlt_bord07 drkmtlt_bord08 drkmtlt_bord09 drkmtlt_bord10 drkmtlt_bord11 drkmtlt_bord12 drkmtlt_bord13 drkmtlt_bord14 drkmtlt_bord15 drkmtlt_bord16 drkmtlt_ceil01 drkmtlt_ceil01b drkmtlt_flr01 drkmtlt_gdgt01 drkmtlt_wall010 drkmtlt_wall07 drkmtlt_wall07a drkmtlt_wall07b drkmtlt_wall08 drkmtlt_wall08b duct_break duct_flr01 duct_flr01a duct_flr02 duct_flr02a duct_vnt duct_vnt2 duct_wa duct_wall01 edge fluid1a fluid1b fluid2 fluid3 fluid4 hobrock jbRockA katie_poster keyboard_white lthr_cch lthr_cch2 lthr_cch3 lthr_cch4 magcover1 magcover2 magcover3 magcover4 of_billboard of_crate01a of_crate01b of_crate01c of_crate01d of_crate02a of_crate02b of_crate03a of_crate03b of_crate03c 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Community 17b
*only one by one
08-18-2017 at 7:41 PM
Recon: me alive, it will never be possible to download all our maps and screens in one clic. Can you imagine the work and time it represents to upload, sort, verify, make screens of each map? And you seriously would want to be able to DL everything in one clic ? Me alive, never !! smileysmiley
08-18-2017 at 9:04 PM
X-Z: I know, it's boring, but it's a (perhaps the only) way to have maps with corresponding screen without any errors.
08-18-2017 at 9:04 PM
Okay... And it's truly boring smiley
08-18-2017 at 9:52 PM
And why I can't upload scrrenshots in spectator mod with bars, but I can upload in-game screenshots with HUD, arms, weapons and all that? I find the last ones more distractive then two small transparent bars.
08-18-2017 at 10:18 PM
Also I have problems with uploading maps. The process may just go to infinity. To avoid it I must open just 17b in my browser, select a map and whait, not doing anything. Sometimes to finally upload a map I need to repack rar to zip or vice versa.
08-18-2017 at 10:26 PM
It depends on file size too. Maps like 3 Mb uploading mostly normal, but maps like 20 Mb.. Man, I couldn't make it upload from my computer, so I'm now loading it to file hosting to give a link
08-18-2017 at 10:28 PM
I did it but 17b said "Error converting rar -> zip". Oh... Okay, I'll convert it myself and upload to a hosting... Again...
08-18-2017 at 10:30 PM
105 - Invalid or corrupt archive
08-18-2017 at 10:32 PM
I HATE THIS THING!!!!!!!smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley
08-18-2017 at 10:33 PM
Yeah, it's so hard to be 17B map uploader. Very few people can handle it. smiley
08-19-2017 at 9:35 AM
If you have an issue, please report it on the forum. Be complete, precise and give a reproducible way. If Chapo is around, he might got some time to take a look.
08-19-2017 at 10:19 AM
I've got aids
08-19-2017 at 10:37 AM
Hey guys...
08-19-2017 at 11:11 AM
Yeah, Igrik, it's easy to say being the one who uploads maps for old mod that no one plays anymore.
08-19-2017 at 1:54 PM
And maybe that's why no one upload maps anymore, Igrik, huh? Because it's buggy and thing
08-19-2017 at 1:55 PM
Guys, I wanted to upload two cool maps, that are here for CSS and CSGO but somehow not for CS 1.6, despite the fact that they were created first to CS 1.6. But they are too heavy, I can't upload them. If someone could do the upload it would be grat. I've already prepared all screenshots and info. PM me, I'll give you a link.
08-19-2017 at 2:44 PM
would be great*
08-19-2017 at 2:44 PM
Yeah, it would be great to find such a person.
08-19-2017 at 3:36 PM
Only glass of vodka on the table...smiley
08-19-2017 at 3:37 PM
Man you sick
08-19-2017 at 8:08 PM


Here the links. Please upload someone. Then I'll upload screenshots and translated notes
08-19-2017 at 8:36 PM
They are for CS 1.6
08-19-2017 at 8:37 PM
08-20-2017 at 12:39 PM
Chapo, thank you! Thank you very much, man!
08-21-2017 at 8:08 PM
Hey, guys, in the letter you say that 17b may die, but also you say, that you backed it up. If the site will die I have an idea for you: upload all maps by parts on sime file hosting in archives. Let people download it, also you will have money.
08-21-2017 at 8:26 PM
on some file hosting*
08-21-2017 at 8:27 PM
Rip 17buddies 2004-2017
08-22-2017 at 8:21 AM
We found a host, and so far it's going well. smiley
08-22-2017 at 12:49 PM
Put on site Goodle.Adsence and get money for site.
08-22-2017 at 2:51 PM
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  01-21-2017 at 12:51 PM by LiveWire

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