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10-25-2013 by Chapo
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!256_gate_wate1 !Water02-DC !c2a5 !d6_water !d6_water2 !icewater !kart_water01 !mtxwater !new_water11 !pool !slackwater !spa_water01a !su !superr !twn-water !water2 !~water_zeb $RCYDIUQ +0BUTTONNEW +0C4BUTTON +0__floor_bRn +0button1 +0button2 +0button3 +0button4 +0button__ +0button_burner +0buttongreen +0elev_down +0nupp +0po_codeunit +0recharge +0recharge2 +0tere +0~cretestch01a +0~drkmtls3 +0~drkmtls4 +0~fiftiestch3 +0~gymlight +0~light4a +0~light5a +0~light6a +0~metalstch2 +0~tnnl_lgt3 +0~tnnl_lgt4 +ABUTTONDY +ABUTTONNEW +AC4BUTTON~01 +ALIFTDOWN +ALIFTUP +ASORUBUTTON +A_retrytuyiu +Abutton__ +Abutton_burner +Abutton_y +Abuttongreen +Ahealchar +Akanbas +Akz_floor +Amano +Anbik +Anupp +Arayo +Arecharge2 +Atemblor +Atere +abutton1 +abutton2 +abutton3 +abutton_t_o_f +abutton_tp +abutton_true +ac3a1_nrc1 +ageneric_113 +agymlight +alab1_d +alab1_door7 +alab1_pnl1 +alab1_pnl1b +alab1_sw1 +alab1_w6 +alab1_w6a +alab1_w6b +alab1_w7 +alab4_swtch +amedkit +ametswitch1 +arecharge +asign42a +atnnl_gad1 +atnnl_gad2 +atrrm_trg1 +olab1_gun1 -0AzDirt -0CastWll -0CastWllFung -0DrtPntWll -0DrtyBrk -0DrtyBrkStrk -0Sand -0SandRock -0SandRock2 -0babfl -0babtech7 -0babtech7b -0babtech8 -0babtech8b -0babtech_c5 -0babtech_flr10 -0baseblue -0bustsand -0c1a4_fuel -0c1a4_oxy -0c1a4_pow -0c1a4_w5 -0c1a4_w6 -0c2a4_cor2 -0c2a4_flr6 -0c2a4_flr6b -0c2a4_pan1 -0c2a4_pan2 -0c2a4_vat1 -0c2a4_w1 -0c2a4_w2 -0c2a4c1 -0c2a4d_panel -0c2a4e_w1 -0ca1x_c1 -0clayRoof -0crete2_flr04 -0crete2_flr5 -0crete4_flr01 -0crete4_flr1 -0crete4_wall01 -0crete4w3 -0crete6 -0csSandWall -0cstrike_fj2dk -0cstrike_me2ri -0cstrike_mr2dr -0cstrike_we4al -0fift_wall13 -0fifties_c -0fifties_case -0fifties_case2 -0fifties_f01 -0fifties_f02 -0fifties_f03 -0fifties_f03b -0fifties_w06 -0fifties_w12 -0fifties_w12b -0fifties_w13 -0fifties_w13b -0freezer_pan1 -0freezer_pan2 -0freezerc4 -0genpipe1 -0glassbrick -0gryStucco -0hfloor01 -0jbDrtyBrick1 -0lab1_flr7 -0lab1_w4gad -0lab3_c4 -0lab3_flr1 -0lab3_flr1b -0lab3_flr4 -0lab3_w6 -0lab3_w6b -0lab5_c1 -0metduct -0out_c3 -0out_c3b -0out_crt2a -0out_crt2b -0out_cuby -0out_dirt2 -0out_grnd2b -0out_grnd3 -0out_grss1 -0out_grvl1 -0out_rk3 -0out_rk4 -0out_rk5 -0out_rkpath -0out_w3 -0out_w4 -0out_w5 -0out_w5b -0out_wall3 -0out_wall8 -0out_wall9 -0out_wter -0psCrtLrgSd -0psCrtLrgTp -0psCrtSmSd -0psCrtSmTp -0psLM -0psMltryCrtSd -0psMltryCrtTp -0psSDoor1 -0psSDoor2 -0psSWWin -0psSandCCrete -0psSandRoad -0psSandRock1 -0psSandRock2 -0psSandTrim -0psSandWall -0psSandm -0psWood -0silo2_c1 -0silo2_cor2 -0silo2_flr11 -0silo2_p1 -0silo2_p2 -0silo2_p2b -0silo2_p3 -0silo2_p4 -0silo2_pan2 -0silo2_w3 -0silo2_wall1 -0silo2_wall2 -0silo2_wall2b -0silo2_wall3 -0silo2_wall4 -0tnnl_c1b2 -0tnnl_crt1 -0tnnl_flr1 -0tnnl_flr1b -0tnnl_flr7 -0tnnl_rck1 -0tnnl_w12a -0tnnl_w13a -0tnnl_w4 -1AzDirt -1CastWll -1CastWllFung -1DrtPntWll -1DrtyBrk -1DrtyBrkStrk -1Sand -1SandRock -1babfl -1babtech7 -1babtech7b -1babtech8 -1babtech8b -1babtech_c5 -1babtech_flr10 -1baseblue -1c1a4_fuel -1c1a4_oxy -1c1a4_pow -1c1a4_w5 -1c1a4_w6 -1c2a4_cor2 -1c2a4_flr6 -1c2a4_flr6b -1c2a4_pan1 -1c2a4_pan2 -1c2a4_vat1 -1c2a4_w1 -1c2a4_w2 -1c2a4c1 -1c2a4d_panel -1c2a4e_w1 -1ca1x_c1 -1clayRoof -1crete2_flr04 -1crete2_flr5 -1crete4_flr01 -1crete4_flr1 -1crete4_wall01 -1crete4w3 -1crete6 -1csSandWall -1cstrike_fj2dk -1cstrike_me2ri -1cstrike_mr2dr -1cstrike_we4al -1fifties_c -1fifties_case -1fifties_case2 -1fifties_f01 -1fifties_f02 -1fifties_f03 -1fifties_f03b -1fifties_w06 -1fifties_w12 -1fifties_w12b -1fifties_w13 -1fifties_w13b -1freezer_pan1 -1freezer_pan2 -1freezerc4 -1genpipe1 -1glassbrick -1hfloor01 -1jbDrtyBrick1 -1lab1_flr7 -1lab1_w4gad -1lab3_c4 -1lab3_flr1 -1lab3_flr1b -1lab3_flr4 -1lab3_w6 -1lab3_w6b -1lab5_c1 -1out_c3 -1out_c3b -1out_crt2a -1out_crt2b -1out_cuby -1out_dirt2 -1out_grnd2b -1out_grnd3 -1out_grss1 -1out_grvl1 -1out_rk3 -1out_rk4 -1out_rk5 -1out_rkpath -1out_w3 -1out_w4 -1out_w5 -1out_w5b -1out_wall3 -1out_wall8 -1out_wall9 -1out_wter -1silo2_c1 -1silo2_cor2 -1silo2_flr11 -1silo2_p1 -1silo2_p2 -1silo2_p2b -1silo2_p3 -1silo2_p4 -1silo2_pan2 -1silo2_w3 -1silo2_wall1 -1silo2_wall2 -1silo2_wall2b -1silo2_wall3 -1silo2_wall4 -1tnnl_c1b2 -1tnnl_crt1 -1tnnl_flr1 -1tnnl_flr1b -1tnnl_flr7 -1tnnl_rck1 -1tnnl_w12a -1tnnl_w13a -1tnnl_w4 -2AzDirt -2CastWll -2Sand -2SandRock -2babfl -2babtech7 -2babtech7b -2babtech8 -2babtech8b -2babtech_c5 -2babtech_flr10 -2baseblue -2c1a4_fuel -2c1a4_oxy -2c1a4_pow -2c1a4_w5 -2c1a4_w6 -2c2a4_cor2 -2c2a4_flr6 -2c2a4_flr6b -2c2a4_pan2 -2c2a4_vat1 -2c2a4_w1 -2c2a4c1 -2c2a4d_panel -2crete2_flr04 -2crete2_flr5 -2crete4_flr01 -2crete4_flr1 -2crete4_wall01 -2crete4w3 -2crete6 -2fifties_c -2fifties_case -2fifties_case2 -2fifties_f01 -2fifties_f02 -2fifties_f03 -2fifties_f03b -2fifties_w06 -2fifties_w12 -2fifties_w13 -2freezer_pan1 -2freezer_pan2 -2freezerc4 -2genpipe1 -2glassbrick -2hfloor01 -2lab1_flr7 -2lab1_w4gad -2lab3_c4 -2lab3_flr1 -2lab3_flr1b -2lab3_flr4 -2lab3_w6 -2lab3_w6b -2lab5_c1 -2out_c3 -2out_c3b -2out_crt2a -2out_cuby -2out_dirt2 -2out_grnd2b -2out_grnd3 -2out_grss1 -2out_grvl1 -2out_rk3 -2out_rk4 -2out_rk5 -2out_rkpath -2out_w4 -2out_w5 -2out_w5b -2out_wall3 -2out_wall8 -2out_wall9 -2out_wter -2silo2_c1 -2silo2_cor2 -2silo2_flr11 -2silo2_p1 -2silo2_p2 -2silo2_p2b -2silo2_p3 -2silo2_p4 -2silo2_pan2 -2silo2_w3 -2silo2_wall1 -2silo2_wall2 -2silo2_wall2b -2silo2_wall3 -2tnnl_c1b2 -2tnnl_crt1 -2tnnl_flr1 -2tnnl_flr1b -2tnnl_flr7 -2tnnl_rck1 -2tnnl_w12a -2tnnl_w13a -2tnnl_w4 -3AzDirt -3Sand -3babtech_c5 -3babtech_flr10 -3c1a4_w5 -3c1a4_w6 -3c2a4_pan2 -3crete2_flr04 -3crete2_flr5 -3crete4_flr01 -3crete4_flr1 -3crete4_wall01 -3crete4w3 -3fifties_f01 -3fifties_f02 -3fifties_f03b -3freezer_pan2 -3lab1_w4gad -3lab3_c4 -3lab5_c1 -3out_crt2a -3out_cuby -3out_dirt2 -3out_rk3 -3out_rk4 -3out_rk5 -3out_w4 -3out_w5 -3out_w5b -3out_wall3 -3out_wter -3silo2_c1 -3silo2_flr11 -3silo2_p2 -3silo2_p2b -3silo2_p3 -3silo2_pan2 -3silo2_wall1 -3tnnl_c1b2 -3tnnl_crt1 -3tnnl_flr1 -3tnnl_flr1b -4out_cuby -4out_dirt2 -4out_rk3 -4out_wall3 -4out_wter -4silo2_pan2 -4silo2_wall1 -5out_cuby -5silo2_wall1 009 0139176b 02 020 023 03 03dfa2e3 06_wood_slat_ex 06ae75ff 08 0Rock 1-teks 1 111 128-01a 128-01pb 128 135 138 140 141 142 1floorsm2 2-teks 256disko1 299ca746 2Rock3 3-teks 35 367ae3cb 3Rock3 3dm_villa01 3dm_villa02 3dm_villaflo01 3dmsnowrock1 3dmsnowrock2 3dmsnowrock3 4-teks 4237813767_962b 52 6-teks 64crate0 64crate1 64crate1a 64crateTop 64crateTopa 81dbabbf 84 A_ground_1a A_ground_1b A_ground_1c A_ground_2a A_ground_2b A_ground_2c A_ground_3a A_ground_3b A_ground_3c AbsoluteBlack AzDoor1 AzGrnd AzStatA AzStatB AzStatC AzStone02 AzWll03 BETON69A BLACK16x16 BRICK020 BR_elev_floor B_asphalt4 B_cliff_brick B_rc_v4y Beton84a Beton90_256x128 Beton96a BlackDaGGeR Bookshelf01_256 Boosters Box12b Brick01 Brick02-2 Brick05-10 Brick05-4 Brick05 Brick05_sm Brick06 Brick07 Brick08 Brick09 Brick13 Brick13b Brick50_7_256x2 Brick61_2_128x1 Brick68ab Bunker_wall00 CEILING02 CEILING04_10001 CORRIDORFLOOR02 CRATE07 CRATE09 CRATE0912 CRATE09B12 CRATE20 CRATE21 CRATE22 CRATE23 CRATE25 CR_RIVERBED C_bricktop C_cliff2wall240 C_strip_mo2 CaseEnd CaseSide CaseTop CastFlt CastFlt1 CastFlt2 CastFlt3 CastTower CastWind CastWll CastleWindow CastleWindow2 CastleWindow3 Ceiling01 Circle02_256x25 ComputerRoo0001 ComputerRoomDra Concrete02a Concrete1_1 ConsoleThingy01 Container16_128 Core_Urban_016 Core_Urban_020 Core_Urban_023 Core_Urban_066 Core_Urban_067 Core_Urban_117 Core_Urban_120 Core_Urban_135 Core_Urban_136 Core_Urban_144 Core_Urban_173 CorrugatedWall0 CrateSide01 CrateSide02 CrateSide03 CrateTop02 Crate_120x120 CstlDr1 CstlDr11 CstlDr1b CstlDr1b1 CstlGrass D6_alumin2 D6_dockwall D6_dockwall2 D6_dockwall3 D6_dockwall4 D6_hvygrate D6_sandreflect DFAN DUCT_VNT2 DUCT_WALL03 DUCT_WALL04a DUV Dark_Green Dark_Red Dark_Yellow_Ora Darker_Cool_Bro Darker_Red DrtStucco DrtyCobbleRd DrtyConc DrtyConcCln DrtyConcMix DrtyConcPln DrtyDblDr DrtyDoor DrtyMtlWll DrtyTiles DrtyWndw DrtyWndwA DrtyWndwB DrtyWndwC EDGE EDGE2 ELECBOX2 ELECBOX3 ELECBOX4 ELECBOX5 ELEVATORPAN0001 EXPWALL6 EXPWALL6TILE EXTERNALWALL45B ExternalWal0002 ExternalWall48b ExternalWall53a ExternalWall57a ExternalWall78_ ExternalWall92_ FIFTIES_DSK5A FIFTIES_DSK5B FIFTIES_FLR01 a2369b9b a2j_1 a2j_2 aaa_bois2 aaa_canyon1 aaa_mur1 aaa_mur6 aaa_mur7 aaa_sol2 aaatrigger abyss3_metal02 abyss3_wall01 abyss_box01 abyss_box02 abyss_box03 abyss_cont02 abyss_floor01 abyss_floor02 abyss_floor03 abyss_floor04 abyss_floor05 abyss_gr01 abyss_table041 abyss_wall01 abyss_wall021 abyss_wall03 abyss_wall11 abyss_wall13 abyss_wall15 ade ae_floor07 aeration_sortie aeration_vieil afassa003 afassa500 afassa501 afassa504 afbox04 afbox05 afbox08 afbox14 afbox15 afbox17 afbox21 afgrou07 afrock02 afwood04 afwood08 ag128_1 ag128_2 air_c1 airportwall_256 arbol_mitad_2 as_door2 as_door4 as_rock1 as_stone as_wall11 as_wall6 as_wood2 asfalt asph_grass asphalt01 asphalt014 asphalt1_1 asphalt1_11 attention avadoortop avaoutwall1 avaoutwall4 avastairt2 avastairtrim1 avicii az_archtrim01 az_archtrim01b az_archway1 az_archway2 az_plaq01 az_plaq02 az_pole01 az_skull01 azgrblend azgrmoss azgroundA azgroundB azgroundd azgrss azwallA azwallAc azwallAd2 azwallAd2moss azwallAd4 azwallAmoss azwallB azwallBcl azwallBmoss azwallBu azwallad2b azwallb2 b565e4a4 b_cp_v1 b_cp_v18 b_ct_v1c b_mf_v1 b_monitorback b_sr_26a ba_track_out_1 ba_wall35 babtech6 babtech6_2 babtech6a babtech7c1 babtech8a babtech8b babtech9a babtech9b babtech9c babtech_bordl5 babtech_bordl52 babtech_ceil01 babtech_ceil02 babtech_ceil03 babtech_ceil04 babtech_dr1e babtech_dr2e babtech_dr4 babtech_dr4a babtech_dr4b babtech_flr02 babtech_sildr2 babtech_wall01a babtech_wall03 bach_grass background_addi bae6c94d barrel3 barrel4 barrel_mtl01 barreltop basewall01a basewall01b basewall01c basewall01d basewall01e basewall01f basewall03a basewall04b basewall04c basewall05a bath-sn03a bb_banksg1 bb_buildfront1 bb_building1 bb_building10 bb_building11 bb_building12 bb_building13 bb_building14 bb_building15 bb_building16 bb_building17 bb_building18 bb_building19 bb_building2 bb_building20 bb_building21 bb_building22 bb_building23 bb_building24 bb_building25 bb_building26 bb_building27 bb_building28 bb_building29 bb_building3 bb_building30 bb_building31 bb_building32 bb_building33 bb_building34 bb_building35 bb_building36 bb_building37 bb_building38 bb_building39 bb_building4 bb_building40 bb_building41 bb_building42 bb_building43 bb_building44 bb_building45 bb_building5 bb_building6 bb_building7 bb_building9 bb_bus1back bb_bus1frnt bb_oldback1 bb_windowb10 bb_windowb2 bb_windowb3 bb_windowb5 bb_windowb6 bb_windowb7 bb_windowb8 bb_windowb9 bcrate02 bcrate03 bcrate04 bcrate05 bcrate06 bcrate07 bcrate08 bcrate09a bcrate09b bcrate09c bcrate12 bcrate14 bcrate15 bcrate16 bcrate17 bcrate18 bcrate25 bcrate26 bcratel1 bcrater1 beton102b-dirt beton2 beton46b beton69ab beton_2 beton_3 beton_4 beton_5 betonwall3 beyazkup bfall1 bfall2 bfall3 bfall4 bhdc_dirt1 bhdc_door1 bido_barber bido_bridge2 bido_wall1 bido_wall10 bido_wall101 bido_wall13 bido_wall14 bido_wall15 bido_wall16 bido_wall17 bido_wall19 bido_wall2 bido_wall20 bido_wall5 bido_wall6 bido_wall8 bido_wall9 bigCrate0 bigCrate1 big_door_1 big_door_2 big_door_3 bl_concrete01 bl_rc_c11 bl_roof01 black black1 blacktop2_1 blacktop2_11 blacktop2_1a blacktop2_1a1 bleilw06 bleimefassa02 bleimetfassa03 bliss_rope blk_trk_tire bln block01b block03b block04a block07a block08b block09a block10b block10c block2 bloco menor bloco menor2 bloco menor3 bloco bloco3 bloco5 bloco6 blood1 blood2 blood3 bloody blue blueRug blue_floor bluecolour bluewall bluewater bochkaqp boden-1 boden-2 boden-3 boden44 bodies body_1 body_2 bolicheoscuro bomb bookcase01 border1 border2 bordur_1 botte botte_top box box1 box5__1kk box_14 box_4 box_8_342 box__1 box__10 box__11 box__12 box__13 box__1kk box__2 box__3 box__342 box__4 box__5 box__6 box__7 box__8 box__9 boxside1 boxtop boxy brck_chrch brck_chrch_bt brck_chrch_dr brck_chrch_w_l brck_chrch_w_s brck_tower brck_tower_base brck_wall_gr brdly2_back1 brdly2_btile1 brdly2_frnt1 brdly2_side1 brdly2_top1 brdly3_back1 brdly3_btile1 brdly3_frnt1 brdly3_side1 brdly3_top1 brdly_back1 brdly_btile1 brdly_frnt1 brdly_side1 brdly_top1 bric3 brick002_sm brick079 brick18 brick24 brick_1 brick_2 brick_3 brickdome bricks01 bricks02 bricks03 bricks04 bricks05 brickwall045a brique11 brique23 brique29 britegrass01 brk_2 brk_21 brk_bld_yl_1 brk_jpn_old1 brk_jpn_old2 brownbricks_1 brownbricks_2 brownbricks_3 brownbricks_4 bs_etc04 bs_gr01 bt_tile_floor2 build_beig_btm build_beig_d1 build_beig_d12 build_beig_dr build_beig_gen build_beig_sm build_beig_win build_bg_door build_bg_gen build_bg_gen1 build_bg_gen2 build_bg_sm build_bg_winh build_bg_winv build_g2 build_g21 build_g2_door build_g2_drbl build_g2_gen build_g2_gen1 build_g2_gen2 build_g2_win build_g9 build_g9_door build_g9_drbl build_g9_win build_gr_door build_gr_gen build_gr_gen1 build_gr_gen3 build_gr_sm build_gr_win1 build_gr_win1_b build_gr_win2 build_gr_win21 build_gr_win2_b build_gr_win3_b build_grey_dr build_grey_ge1 build_grey_gen build_grey_hz build_grey_sm build_grey_vt bunker buntile1 bus1_cover bwall04 bwall04b bydarca c0a0_track c0wgrass c1a0_c1 c1a0_labflr c1a0_labflrb c1a0_labflrc c1a0_labflrd c1a0_labflre c1a0_labglu c1a0_labw4 c1a0_labw5 c1a0_labw7 c1a0_labw7b c1a0_labw7c c1a0_w1 c1a0_w1d1 c1a0_w1d2 c1a0_w1d3 c1a0_w1d4 c1a0_w1d5 c1a0_w2 c1a0_w3 c1a0_w4 c1a0_wdsign c1a0a_w3 c1a0a_w3a c1a0a_w3b c1a0a_w3c c1a0a_w5a c1a0a_w5b c1a0b_dr1 c1a0b_dr1a c1a0b_dr2 c1a0b_dr2a c1a0b_dr3 c1a0b_dr3a c1a0b_dr3b c1a0b_dr4 c1a0b_dr4a c1a0b_dr4b c1a1dooredge c1a3_w2a c1a3_w2b c1a3_w2c c1a3_w2d c1a3c_map c1a3firedr01 c1a3floor02 c1a3secdr02 c1a3ventdr01 c1a3ventdr02 c1a3wall01 c1a3wall02 c1a3wall03 c1a3wall04 c1a3wall05 c1a3wall06 c1a3wall07 c1a3wall08 c1a3wall09 c1a3wall10 c1a3yellow c1a4_c1c c1a4_c1d c1a4_canis c1a4_fan c1a4_fuel c1a4_fuel2 c1a4_fuel3 c1a4_oxy c1a4_oxy2 c1a4i_c1a c1a4tnnl1d c1a4tnnl1e 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caja98 caja99 cam camo_board01 camo_cabinet01 camo_cont03 camo_cont04 camo_cont05 camo_cont06 camo_door01 camo_door02 camo_door03 camo_door04 camo_exit camo_fan camo_fioor01 camo_fioor02 camo_fioor03 camo_fioor04 camo_fioor05 camo_fioor06 camo_fioor07 camo_fioor08 camo_fioor09 camo_fioor10 camo_fioor11 camo_fioor12 camo_fire camo_gldirt01 camo_gldirt02 camo_glside01 camo_glside02 camo_glside03 camo_ground01 camo_ground02 camo_redlight01 camo_solidb camo_solidc camo_wall01 camo_wall02 camo_wall03 camo_wall04 camo_wall05 camo_wall06 camo_wall07 camo_wall08 camo_wall09 camo_wall11 camo_wall12 camo_wall13 camo_wall15 camo_wall16 camo_wall17 camo_wood01 camo_wood02 camo_wood03 canyonssand1 car_black car_blue car_blue321 car_blue5 car_green car_purple car_red car_red3 car_red32 car_red5 car_yellow cardbox1 cardbox2 cardbox3 cardbox4 cardboxbot1 cardboxtop1 cardboxtop2 cark carkifelek carkk carpet-sn01a carpet-sn03 carpet_c10trim carpetfloor001a carpetfloor002a carpetfloor003a carpetfloor004a 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08-19-2013 by Chapo
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*only one by one
08-18-2017 at 7:41 PM
Recon: me alive, it will never be possible to download all our maps and screens in one clic. Can you imagine the work and time it represents to upload, sort, verify, make screens of each map? And you seriously would want to be able to DL everything in one clic ? Me alive, never !! smileysmiley
08-18-2017 at 9:04 PM
X-Z: I know, it's boring, but it's a (perhaps the only) way to have maps with corresponding screen without any errors.
08-18-2017 at 9:04 PM
Okay... And it's truly boring smiley
08-18-2017 at 9:52 PM
And why I can't upload scrrenshots in spectator mod with bars, but I can upload in-game screenshots with HUD, arms, weapons and all that? I find the last ones more distractive then two small transparent bars.
08-18-2017 at 10:18 PM
Also I have problems with uploading maps. The process may just go to infinity. To avoid it I must open just 17b in my browser, select a map and whait, not doing anything. Sometimes to finally upload a map I need to repack rar to zip or vice versa.
08-18-2017 at 10:26 PM
It depends on file size too. Maps like 3 Mb uploading mostly normal, but maps like 20 Mb.. Man, I couldn't make it upload from my computer, so I'm now loading it to file hosting to give a link
08-18-2017 at 10:28 PM
I did it but 17b said "Error converting rar -> zip". Oh... Okay, I'll convert it myself and upload to a hosting... Again...
08-18-2017 at 10:30 PM
105 - Invalid or corrupt archive
08-18-2017 at 10:32 PM
I HATE THIS THING!!!!!!!smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley
08-18-2017 at 10:33 PM
Yeah, it's so hard to be 17B map uploader. Very few people can handle it. smiley
08-19-2017 at 9:35 AM
If you have an issue, please report it on the forum. Be complete, precise and give a reproducible way. If Chapo is around, he might got some time to take a look.
08-19-2017 at 10:19 AM
I've got aids
08-19-2017 at 10:37 AM
Hey guys...
08-19-2017 at 11:11 AM
Yeah, Igrik, it's easy to say being the one who uploads maps for old mod that no one plays anymore.
08-19-2017 at 1:54 PM
And maybe that's why no one upload maps anymore, Igrik, huh? Because it's buggy and thing
08-19-2017 at 1:55 PM
Guys, I wanted to upload two cool maps, that are here for CSS and CSGO but somehow not for CS 1.6, despite the fact that they were created first to CS 1.6. But they are too heavy, I can't upload them. If someone could do the upload it would be grat. I've already prepared all screenshots and info. PM me, I'll give you a link.
08-19-2017 at 2:44 PM
would be great*
08-19-2017 at 2:44 PM
Yeah, it would be great to find such a person.
08-19-2017 at 3:36 PM
Only glass of vodka on the table...smiley
08-19-2017 at 3:37 PM
Man you sick
08-19-2017 at 8:08 PM


Here the links. Please upload someone. Then I'll upload screenshots and translated notes
08-19-2017 at 8:36 PM
They are for CS 1.6
08-19-2017 at 8:37 PM
08-20-2017 at 12:39 PM
Chapo, thank you! Thank you very much, man!
Yesterday at 8:08 PM
Hey, guys, in the letter you say that 17b may die, but also you say, that you backed it up. If the site will die I have an idea for you: upload all maps by parts on sime file hosting in archives. Let people download it, also you will have money.
Yesterday at 8:26 PM
on some file hosting*
Yesterday at 8:27 PM
Rip 17buddies 2004-2017
Today at 8:21 AM
We found a host, and so far it's going well. smiley
Today at 12:49 PM
Put on site Goodle.Adsence and get money for site.
Today at 2:51 PM
void 17b's Hacking
 Yesterday at 7:47 PM by DigitalBrain
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  07-08-2017 at 6:38 PM by Sgt.Almighty
void A New Emoticon In 17buddies
  07-04-2017 at 8:32 PM by Vodka95
void Je Ne Sais Pas Quoi Dire Alors,...
  06-14-2017 at 3:49 AM by rgrvfs
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  02-06-2017 at 12:22 PM by Igrik
void Corrupted Map Downloads
  02-04-2017 at 2:43 PM by Chapo
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  01-30-2017 at 7:23 AM by Chapo
void Is 17buddies Dead?
  01-28-2017 at 1:53 PM by gunzn
void ★★★ Batch Compiler Problem ★★★
  01-21-2017 at 12:51 PM by LiveWire

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